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I had heard the buzz about Up & Up™ (Target Brand) diapers coming from curious moms all over the place so I decided to test them out. Obviously the price is much more appealing than any other brand I saw on the shelf ($19.99 for a box of size 4- 124 count compared to Pampers® at $39.99 for a box of size 4- 128 count and Huggies® at $34.99 for a box of size 4- 126 count) so I figured little harm done if they didn’t work out.

We aren’t married to a specific brand of diapers- right now we use Pampers® on the 1-year-old, Huggies Pull-ups® on the 3-year-old while he’s at school, Huggies Overnights® here and there and even mix in a rotation of cloth diapers.

Upon initial inspection, the Up & Up® diapers looked to be most like Pampers®. The sizing is a little on the generous side (in my opinion) and the fit is most comparable to the Pampers on my 1-year-old (who has a very long torso). The width between the legs is a little boxier than what I’m used but nothing that looks uncomfortable once on my baby. They held up well to vigorous play, heavy nap wetters and we didn’t find any surprises on the floor. The leak guard gussets, in the leg areas, are not super tight so I admit to being a little weary of the leak coverage at first glance but so far, so good. Plus, I thing that if they were any tighter, I would see red marks on my baby’s thighs. I do not like red marks.
The one issue (and it’s a big one) I have with these diapers is the tabs and their lack of performance. I placed an Up & Up™ diaper on my squirmy toddler and like most diaper changes; I had to re-do the tabs to get the diaper on properly. While lifting the tab to reposition it, the sticky part detached and remained on the front of the diaper. See here:

This exact thing happened again and again and we wasted 4 diapers out of the 31 in the pack. I thought it could have been a defective pack so I bought another one. The same thing happened again. Once the tab separates from the sticky part, it’s not usable- there’s no way to secure the diaper.


  • Price!
  • Generously sized (be careful when first trying them out, buy a small pack first!)
  • Chlorine-Free
  • Latex-free
  • Sufficient leak guard
  • Stretch tabs


  • A little wide between the legs
  • The tabs!!!
  • The design- the bubbles are blue and green (I don’t care about this but I have boys)

Bottom line (pun intended), I’m happy there is an affordable option, I’m happy they are chlorine-free (I prefer the no-chemical stuff anyway), I’m good with the fit on my kids… I just wish they would fix the tab issue.


Update (May 2010)- They must have fixed the tabs because we haven’t had an issue with them over the past month.


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    We now buy Costco diapers and they are awesome! (Comparable to huggies) but I too have been a fan of Target brand for their leak protection and price

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    Alameda Mommy says:

    We just switched over to the Target brand after using Pampers for the past 2 years (also used on K for 2 years when she was a baby). A started getting diaper rashes and I refused to believe it was because of the Dry Max but it wasn't going away so we decided to try the Target brand after some recommendations and, voilà, no more rash. The tabs can be a little annoying but I've bought boxes of Pampers where I would have half a box of diapers that would rip when I would go to put the tab on (not because of sizing but the tabs would be "glued" down incorrectly).

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    Christina says:

    Rachael- we have been having less and less issues with the tabs lately. For the price, I'm sticking it out and holding onto hope!

    S- That's awesome! We have seen less rashes now that we are using them more and more as well. As you know, the reason I started cloth with my oldest was because of the rashes. No one had Huggies or Pampers comparable diapers out there without the chemicals.

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