The real meaning of Pinterest lies in your… computer.

I love Pinterest. Like big puffy paint heart on my 80’s t-shirt love it. But I find it amusing at times — okay, a lot of the time. It amuses me because I’m a creative thinker (notice I didn’t say doer). Most of the time I come up with ideas… I just rarely have the time or means to follow through with said ideas.


Take for instance my Mommy Spaces board. Sure there are some misplaced pins (pins best suited for the Organizing board) but I’m going to leave them in there so I feel like I accomplish something when I actually do organize my colorful craft supplies in perfect little mason jars.


My Mommy Style board cracks me up. Considering my closet if full of clothes that I can’t seem to match and coordinate if my life depended on it and I wear the same daily uniform (ahem. yoga pants), it’s more like a “here’s a bunch of clothes I love” board. Maybe when I can bust out the bins of pre-pregnancy clothes from 5 years ago I’ll be able to match things again – or maybe I’ve lost my touch from being out of practice for so long. Or maybe Pinterest can help me.


One of my favorite boards is my Play Spaces board. That is one thing I can see myself doing considering I rearrange and redecorate our playroom every four months as it is. Well, maybe.


The Arts and Crafts with Kids board is something I’ve already pulled from so that one is proving to be useful. Same with the DIY Projects – Home board and the DIY Projects – Kids board. I can safely say that any and all of my DIY, Sensory Play and crafting boards will get some use.


The Why Didn’t I Think Of That board is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Even if it is lacking pages of genius ideas. Trust me, this one will get hefty.


Although I’m fashionably challenged at the moment and barely have enough time to wipe my kid’s bum let alone cover a baking pan with fabric, one good thing has come from Pinterest in the past few weeks. I’m finally redecorating our master bedroom! This is something I’ve wanted to do for years. I always get so caught up in the playroom and my kid’s rooms that I ignore my space. And I’m totally blaming it all on Pinterest… So when my husband asks why we’re painting our room at 8am on Saturday morning, it’s not my fault. I took a little of what we had, made a few things and bought a few things in order to get it all started. With the help of my Master Bedroom board and Bedroom Ideas board, I was able to visualize my ideas and actually get excited/motivated about my newest project.

So while Pinterest is mostly fluffy bunnies, colorful unicorns, perfect clothes and dreamy destinations, it can actually inspire and excite, too.


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    I am impressed you have that many boards and that they all have cool and interesting titles. I don’t have little children to take care of and my boards are not nearly as developed as yours.

    It would be interesting to see a scan of the brain when people are engaged on Pinterest. I have no doubt that Dopamine or Serotonin–or both–are flowing. I think it has a positive effect–even if DIY goals aren’t always achieved.

    I hope you’ll post photos of your redesigned master!
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      Pinterest is one of a few things that is easy to do when the kids ARE around! Writing is so difficult at this stage because Little Guy is 2 and like to slam my laptop (slam into, slam shut, slam the keys, etc.) whenever it’s in the same room.
      I agree, even though it’s amusing, it makes you think and gives you goals. Both of which are really good things!

      I took before pictures today… so hopefully!

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