Mommy Tip: Closet organizer for kids’ weekly clothes

closet organizer for kidsMy son is nine. He is full of independence and love and… Forgetfulness.

The last thing I want to do is take away his independence by picking his clothes for him each night but I also don’t want to get upset with him for forgetting his basketball clothes while I’m scrambling to get a two and four-year-old out the door.

I finally found a way to help him get (and hopefully stay) organized and a way to help build responsibility with his daily choices — and activities.

We used a closet organizer and made it so each shelf represents each day of the week. On Sunday, we look at the weather for the week ahead and then he picks his clothing — shirt, pants or shorts, underwear, socks, etc. Jackets hang next to the organizer for chilly mornings and he can substitute pants for shorts or the other way around if he wants to as each morning arrives… The only rule? He is to put the unused clothes back in the dresser and not his floor.

We also paperclip notes and reminders to the side of each square if there’s something special going on or something to do that specific day. I’m hoping this system will also help him build a sense of responsibility.

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