DIY Teacher Appreciation Day gift

It’s that time of year again… Teacher Appreciation Week! There are only so many coffee mugs, plaques with happy-faced red apples and “A+” notepads a teacher could need or want, so I prefer to make something special with my kids each year. This is one of my favorites — and it’s really easy to do!

This makes a great teacher gift for under $20!


  • One pot
  • A package of seeds with dirt in a cute bag
  • A few feet of ribbon
  • Brown tissue paper
  • Green tissue paper shreds (you can also tear pieces off of green tissue paper) to represent grass
  • One green candle
  • Paper or a thank you card

Tip: Get an unfinished clay pot and have your children paint it to add color and to personalize it for the teacher!


  1. Crumple a few pieces of brown tissue paper and place them inside the pot.
  2. Scatter the green tissue paper pieces over the brown tissue paper.
  3. Place the seeds and dirt package inside the pot.
  4. Place the candle in the pot.
  5. Tie a ribbon around the pot.
  6. Write in a card (or make your own):

Dear (teacher’s name), Thank you for helping me GROW and SHINE! Love, (child’s name)



  1. 1

    Cut circles with a 2 inch scallop circle punch. Glue two back to back (pretty scrapbook paper can be used for the backs if you prefer) with a long wooded craft stick (or skewer) sandwiched in between.

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