The best chalk wall ever

I’ve been dying to paint something in my house with chalk paint. But the truth is we have a wide-open floor plan with very little wall space. My husband vetoed taking down the decorative, full-length mirror in our dining room (even though it would have been an awesome chalk wall) (I had visions of Birthday messages at the breakfast table and fancy menu selections for parties we never have).

Maybe someday.

Until then, I had to scratch my itch and paint something with black chalk paint. (Yes, I am about a year behind the curve).

Then I saw it. The wall in our garage.

garage chalk wall

My kids got a head start on the wall before I could paint it!

I ran to the store, grabbed a can of chalk paint, a roll of painter’s tape and waited for nap time. I left my car outside, manually pulled the garage door open (can’t wake the baby or my DIY time would be doomed), taped off a square section below our built-in’s and started painting.

garage chalk wall(Yes, that’s our broken Melissa and Doug Easel to the right. I took it apart and mounted it to the wall. Above that is an awesome wall decal from Land Of Nod that says, “Wouldn’t it be better if the moon was made of Mac ‘N Cheese?”)

The wall looked a little bare after the square, so I decided to try my luck with circles. I scattered circles next to the large painted square by grabbing a large Tupperware bowl and a pencil. Then, with an angled paintbrush, I carefully filled in each circle. (It was then and only then that I thanked myself for deciding NOT to paint circles in my boys’ bedroom). The circles took longer than painting the two coats for the square but in the end, I’m loving our new play space!

chalk on a chalk wall

Now we can pull the car out and let the kids play outside AND inside the garage or head out to the garage on a cold or rainy day and have something to do.

I’ve also found that it works really well for our video reviews and as a background for pictures.

chalk wall as a photo backdrop


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    This is such a fun project, Christina! I love the idea of doing this in the garage.
    Nichole recently posted..Parenting with grace

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