One And Done: The Babybjorn Baby Carrier One

Parents love options – babies love options and one thing I’ve found with each of my babies… they are all different. Very different. But not only are their personalities different, their needs and preferences change almost as quickly as mine.

When it comes to baby carriers, it used to be that I preferred one carrier over another for various outings and reasons. Longer day trips meant I needed a carrier with a little more support for my back, a comfortable sleeping position for baby and/or adjustability. Quick errands called for something easy to use and so on.


With the Babybjorn Baby Carrier One, it’s one and done. There’s a position for every stage, preference and outing type.

The Babybjorn Baby Carrier One accommodates children from eight pounds to 33 pounds and has four different positions to grow with your child.

babybjorn carrier one carry positions

The best thing about the Carrier One is the ability to seamlessly change carry positions without the need of additional pieces or accessories. With the exception of the newborn height position, the zippers at the bottom of the seat control the leg position for your child and daily preferences. The normal leg position is used for the newborn carry, inward facing carry and outward facing carry and the wide leg position is used for the inward facing carry and back carry.

  • Newborn carry: Approximately 0-4 months, minimum 8 pounds/21 inches
  • Facing inward carry with normal leg position: Approximately 4-15 months, maximum 26 pounds
  • Facing inward carry with wide leg position: Approximately 4-36 months, maximum 33 pounds
  • Facing outward with normal leg position: Minimum 5 months – approximately 15 months, maximum 26 pounds
  • Back carry with wide leg position: 12 months – approximately 36 months, maximum 33 pounds/39 inches



The first thing I noticed when taking the Baby Carrier One out of the box is the overall size of the carrier. The body appears to be larger and padded in just the right spots for added comfort to both baby and parents. Don’t read this the wrong way, I liked that the body of the carrier appeared to be larger. And once I tried it on, my thoughts were validated as the carrier molded to my baby’s body seamlessly and in every position we tried.

Comfort features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Waist belt with adjustments on both sides
  • Shaped, padded shoulder straps to relieve pressure
  • Outward seams – everything that touches baby is soft and free from harmful chemicals
  • Adjustable width for baby’s leg positions
  • Sturdy head support – can be folded down when baby is facing outwards

The Babybjorn Baby Carrier One was developed reflecting the advice of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

The new buckle system is awesome. The safety buckles at the side and the head support buckles at the top slide and click into position, which makes getting baby in and out extremely easy.
The waist belt buckle took wearing the carrier twice to get the hang of it, but that’s only because I’m so used to buckles that click together. This one fits together like a puzzle piece and audibly clicks into place once locked and secure. After a few times, it was second nature and very easy to do.


Like I mentioned above, I really like the structure of the seat, the new buckle system and the ability to adapt the carrier easily to a growing child or to ever changing needs within the family lifestyle.
I would love to see Babybjorn offer sucking pads for this carrier. My little guy is the perfect height to get those straps in his mouth – and they get wet/dirty very quickly because of this. They do have a bib accessory for the forward facing position.

I can’t wait to use this carrier in the back carry position once my baby gets older. I love that the carrier is secured on the parent before placing baby in and can even be rotated into the back carry position while baby is secured in the seat. And with four kids in tow, I love the ability to change the scenery and comfort (sleep position) for the baby as quickly as possible.

The Babybjorn Baby Carrier One is available in black cotton mix and black mesh and retails for $199 and can purchased online or in stores.


Disclosure: I’m working with Babybjorn to provide a review of the carrier. All opinions are my own.


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    Surprised to see such a positive review for a “crotch-dangler” (i hate that term too, but) from a baby safety technician, have you tried other carriers? both my pediatrician and pediatric chiropractor told me to stay away from the Babybjorn (or others that put baby’s hips in this position) and lean towards wraps and other carriers such as an Ergobaby. Or perhaps Babybjorn has changed their model since I was shopping for carriers over a year ago. I haven’t followed new developments in carrier designs since we procured ours (we went with Ergo). Just my thoughts for others who might be reading this and haven’t done any other research.

    • 2

      Julie, Thank you for your comment. The BabyBjorn One does allow for an ergonomic position so it is an option for parents who wish to use that position all of the time or along with other positions. Personally, I don’t think facing out is going to harm my baby – in moderation. It’s no different than the seat in his exersaucer – again, used in moderation. But that’s my personal view. I don’t get intrenched in the carrier/crotch dangler debates, because every parents view and needs are different. And I’m not a physician. :)
      One example… I’ve used the facing forward position in situations like the Yo Gabba Gabba concert. I carry my baby to and from the car in the facing in (ergonomic) position then when we are at our seats, I still have him in the carrier but facing out and “seated” in my lap. Also very helpful to have for places like Disneyland, etc. I have found it is helpful in situations like that (especially with multiple children) to have some versatility.

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