4moms rockaRoo – Mommy Tested, Daddy Approved {giveaway}

Yes, you read that right.

But it could have easily read… Mommy Tested, The Whole Family Approved.


As a 4moms family, I’ve done my fair share of putting 4moms gear to the tests – the Origami, the Breeze, the mamaRoo and now… The ever so amazing rockaRoo! All have passed my tests with flying colors, but with the amount of baby gear and baby related stuff we’ve had strewn throughout the house over the past 11 years, my husband has found a way to tune it all out.


(Except for the times he makes comments about how many strollers are crowding his workspace in the garage).


That was until 4moms came into the picture.


A stroller that unfolds and folds itself?
He might have wet himself with excitement when he first saw it in action.

A playard that doesn’t require curse words to assemble?
He still got a beer for helping, but was in a much better mood after setting up Quinn’s play space.

A motion seat that doesn’t take up the entire room, doesn’t plow through batteries, has built-in sounds and plays music from his iPhone?
Anything that plays music from his iPhone (and doesn’t take up the entire room) is a plus in his book.

And now… A rocking seat that takes literally seconds to assemble, is super simple to operate, it’s not an eyesore, is as quiet as a mouse and the baby adores it?


Because it’s well known that we love our 4moms gear, the questions I’ve been asked the most lately are… How does the rockaRoo compare to the mamaRoo? Which one do you like better? and Which one should I get for my baby?

My answers?

I love both for different reasons. But here’s the breakdown…


  1. The rockaRoo retails for $159-$179 making it a more affordable option compared to it’s sister the mamaRoo, which retails for $219-$249.
  2. The rockaRoo (11.5 pounds) is a smidge lighter than the mamaRoo (14 pounds), which makes it a smidge easier to move about the house. Although, the mamaRoo moves from room to room very easily as well – trust me!
  3. Both come with an AC adapter and mp3 cord, which eliminates the need for batteries and allows parents to play their choice of sounds and music – the mamaRoo has built-in nature sounds, the rockaRoo does not. What the rockaRoo does have is a pocket at the back of the seat, which is a perfect place to safely store your mp3 cord when not in use – and perfect for both cords while transporting it to grandmas.
  4. The rockaRoo has a little bit more of a roomier seat than the mamaRoo. Both the mamaRoo and the rockaRoo accommodate babies from birth to 25 pounds. The mamaRoo seat adjusts positions – reclined to upright (the picture above is with the mamaRoo fully reclined) – the rockaRoo does not adjust because it rocks front to back and has a perfect recline angle for the motion it provides.
  5. The rockaRoo has one movement – front to back rocking – and five speeds. The mamaRoo has five unique motions that mimic a parent’s natural movement along with five speeds. Both are designed with baby in mind to sooth and comfort baby in the most natural way – second best to mom or dad’s arms for those times when mom and dad’s arms need a break. And it happens.
  6. Both the rockaRoo and the mamaRoo have a removable toy bar. Both swing out of the way and detach easily. The toy bar on the mamaRoo is a little more substantial and comes with three reversible and removable stuffed toy balls. The rockaRoo’s toy bar holds 3 stuffed toy balls (that look more like stuffed triangles) and they slide into the toy bar frame instead of pop out. Baby Quinn (at six months old) can pop the mamaRoo balls out of the toy bar when he wants to, and is just now figuring out how to get the rockaRoo balls out. I really like the design of the rockaRoo balls – he can hold and manipulate them (in his hands and into his mouth) very easily.
  7. The mamaRoo comes in six choices of seat fabrics – the rockaRoo comes in three choices of seat fabrics. All are easy to remove and machine washable. You can also purchase (sold separately) an extra seat fabric for those times when your baby has a blow out and the seat fabric is in the wash, but you need your beloved rockaRoo. This has happened to us more times than I can count and having the extra seat fabric is a lifesaver. The Newborn Insert (also sold separately) was very nice to have the first few months as well.


Quinn is a huge fan of the rockaRoo! He puts it to good use throughout the day and at playtime to practice his hand-eye coordination with the toy bar. Even at six months old he falls fast asleep in it! And trust me, this is a big deal as sleep is not a regular thing in this house right now.


After owning and using the mamaRoo since Quinn’s birth, the rockaRoo had some “living up to” to do when it first arrived. But I’m pleased to say that the rockaRoo holds it’s own. With four boys in the house, I often need a safe spot for Quinn to play, rest and relax for those times when he simply cannot be in my arms – homework, dinner, potty breaks, breaking up fights, kissing boo boo’s, picking up LEGOs… You know, the usual. The rockaRoo is not only all that, it’s also extremely soothing and a perfect quiet space for Quinn when things get a little overstimulating (which happens often in our house – as you can imagine).


What sets the rockaRoo apart from the traditional swing is the fact that it rocks like a rocking horse. 4moms took the traditional swing and flipped it on its head. That design detail, along with the five different speeds, maximizes the sensation of motion for your baby at baby’s head, which is where it matters the most.

So sit back and enjoy, little ones! And enjoy you will…



One lucky little one will get to enjoy a brand new rockaRoo thanks to 4moms. Simply enter below and good luck!

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Don’t forget to check the 4moms Facebook page for a daily chance to win a rockaRoo. It’s so good, everyone deserves a chance to own one.


Disclosure: 4moms provided us a rockaRoo for review purposes. All opinions are my own.


  1. 1
    Mary Happymommy says:

    The kitchen would be a nice place to rock.

  2. 2

    Right at home!

  3. 3

    love this ! thanks- would rock all over the house:)

  4. 4
    rebecca g says:

    One of the best things about the rockaroo is the ease to move it around the house.. to rock in the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room.. possibilities are nearly endless!

  5. 5
    Kimberley O says:

    I’d use this in my living room!

  6. 6

    In my livingroom :)


  7. 7

    I need this! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. 8
    Kimoy Griz says:

    My baby will rock in his room with his rockaroo ! we would love our little guy to experience the comfort of the rockaroo! :)

  9. 9

    I love this! My little boy would love to rock right in the living room in a new RockaRoo! :)

  10. 10
    C R Williams says:

    my bedroom

  11. 11

    My little girl would love to rock in our living room!

  12. 12

    This would be great for when I need 2 hands for dishes/laundry/etc!

  13. 13

    My new little guy would be rocking in the living room and my bedroom! Love this review!

  14. 14

    My baby would rock in our living room.

  15. 15
    Alex Liz Robinson says:

    At home in the living room!

  16. 16

    In our living room for sure!

  17. 17
    Megan Rogers says:

    Anywhere in the house, love how easy it is to move around, and all the different possibilities of where baby can rock in it!

  18. 18

    This is amazing. I must have one for the living room!

  19. 19
    bRITTNEY B says:

    The living room

  20. 20

    living room

  21. 21
    laura revilla says:

    the kitchen

  22. 22
    Emily Sparks says:

    At the edge of the bathroom while I shower ;) And the living room!

  23. 23

    My baby would rock the rockaRoo all over the house.

  24. 24

    probably in every room!

  25. 25

    All over the house!

  26. 26
    jennifer wexler says:

    probably the living room

  27. 27

    I need this! I think it would be a lifesaver with my next little one due this Summer

  28. 28

    My almost-here-baby girl would rock this in the kitchen while I cook!

  29. 29
    Kalli Skaggs says:

    Id use it everywhere! :)

  30. 30
    Keely Roberts says:

    The kitchen or laundry room! Two places I am the most!!

  31. 31

    living room but also in our kitchen

  32. 32

    I think in the kitchen while I make dinner :-)

  33. 33
    Megan Robertson says:

    Would definitely get the most use in the living room!

  34. 34

    We’d Rock in the living room mostly, but anywhere we’d need to!

  35. 35

    Anywhere around the house, but mostly in the playroom while his big sis will play around! :)
    Vanessa recently posted..Wanna help mommy?

  36. 36
    Amber Middleton says:

    Kitchen, bathroom, living room…wherever I am!

  37. 37

    In the living room, playroom, and bedroom when I need to shower!!
    Stephanie L. recently posted..My daughter doesn’t wear pants… get over it.

  38. 38

    Loved to win!!! Would be a big help with the twins!!! Would rockaroo in the living room

  39. 39
    Suehey De Jesus says:

    In the livingroom

  40. 40
    stephanie says:

    my baby would rock in the family room, in sight at all time!

  41. 41

    Babyy can watch her cartoons in it (:

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    All over the house!

  43. 43
    Alejandro Salazar says:

    Right in the living room!!!!

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    Baby would be spending rockin’ time mostly in the living room!!

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    Our new baby would rock mostly in our master bedroom but probably also at Nana’s and all over the house.

  46. 46
    tonilynn annunziata says:

    In my livingroom

  47. 47

    In my kitchen

  48. 48
    Alejandro Salazar says:

    Right in the living room during the day and bedroom in the night!!!!

  49. 49

    Love that it is easy to move around, it would be all over the house, following a very active 3 year old big sister!

  50. 50

    My niece/nephew that is on the way would probably do a lot of rocking in the living room :-)
    Kristie recently posted..“Unstoppable” DVD Review & Giveaway!! (2/5)

  51. 51

    I’d use it in our tiny tiny living room

  52. 52
    Marya Mann says:

    Kitchen while I cook :)

  53. 53
    victoria parkinson says:

    My little man would mainly rock in the family room but I would also bring it into the bedroom as a good place for baby to nap while mama naps.

  54. 54
    Laura Russell says:

    The living room

  55. 55

    would love to try!!

  56. 56
    Lindsey Holloway says:

    I would rock this in our family room and bedroom!!

  57. 57

    Most likely in the bathroom while I shower… and everywhere else too.

  58. 58
    Gina Hiskes says:

    In the living room so she can watch her older siblings play!

  59. 59

    Our baby would rock in the living room or the nursery.

  60. 60

    there needs to be an adult version of this fantastic piece! :)

  61. 61

    Would love a rockaroo for this baby but will definitely be getting one for baby number 2. Love the whole idea!

  62. 62
    Patricia0911 says:

    I would love to own a Rockaroo, buying it would be worth every penny but winning it would be a dream come true!

  63. 63
    Alyson holder says:

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  64. 64
    Ashley Antoine says:

    Love the rockaroo reviews!!!

  65. 65

    Anywhere! Right now he is in a mamaroo (borrowed from a friend to see how he likes it) in our room… but last night we had him in it in the living room. I would love a rockaroo for him, baby LOVES motion!

  66. 66
    Terry Madden says:

    Rocking in the Living Room.

  67. 67
    Ashley Antoine says:

    Rockaroo would be in our family room :)

  68. 68
    Amanda Buccieri says:

    In the living room!

  69. 69

    I want to win!!

  70. 70
    Liz Brown says:

    I would love to have a place to keep baby three out of the way of his older brothers! Probably mostly in the living room, but I hear this is really easy to move around from room to room.

  71. 71
    Amanda Ragusa says:

    My son would rock this everywhere!

  72. 72

    All over the house!

  73. 73
    Renee Smith says:

    My baby would rock all around the house. With its size, I could move it from room to room easily.

  74. 74
    Meagan Ives says:

    LOVE the colors!!!

  75. 75

    We’d be rockin’ all over the house with a new RockaRoo!

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    Great review thanks

  77. 77
    vanessa miller says:

    in our living room next to our teepee

  78. 78

    I would rock her everywhere!!

  79. 79

    We would primarily use the RockaRoo in our living room, but I’m excited about how portable it is so it can be moved to all areas of the house!
    Aislinn recently posted..Breadcrumb Week 11

  80. 80
    Rachel McMaster says:

    Baby would probably rock most in the living/dining room.

  81. 81
    Michelle s. says:

    In the living room. Want one!

  82. 82
    Carrie Smith says:

    Looks amazing! Would be great for mommy and baby! :)

  83. 83

    We’d be rockin’ all over the house with a new RockaRoo! We have to be able to move around the house with 2 3yo big brothers to keep an eye on, and this light seat would be perfect!

  84. 84

    I must have this! Leaning towards Mamaroo but haven’t quite made up my mind yet. Either one is going right in my living room!!

  85. 85
    Jelissa Niezgocki says:

    He’d rock ask over the place.I’m thinking mainly in the living room since I’m am online student and that’s where the computer hangs out.

  86. 86
    Jennifer Connelly says:

    Would love to win our first born due in May a rockaRoo to rock her to sleep! I love how versatile it is!

  87. 87
    Shelley B. says:

    I need this for upstairs – we have a big swing downstairs but no good place upstairs for when we are putting down our older son for naps/bedtime etc

  88. 88
    Amy Miguel says:

    In the family room, but also easy enough to move up into my bedroom as I fold laundry, into my office as I get some work done, and of course, to Me Mom and Poppy’s house when we all need a vacation!

  89. 89
    Sarah Parker says:

    In the playroom.

  90. 90
    Christina Brundick says:

    in the living room while watching her older brother play

  91. 91

    We need this for 2 under 2 this summer!!!

  92. 92

    My baby would rock while I work at home

  93. 93

    Thank you! Much needed reviews.

  94. 94

    Anywhere! :)

  95. 95
    Ashley Benjamin says:

    I really want to try this!! So far my baby is ONLY content when in my arms.. My arms are tired!! She is 3 months old. #helpamommaout

  96. 96
    Mary Joanne says:

    The baby will rock in the living room and kitchen mainly, especially during the day.

  97. 97

    Was amazed by the stroller I’ve never seen it before!!

  98. 98

    In the basement while I’m on the treadmill! Huge mamaroo fan!

  99. 99
    April Bilbrey says:

    In the comfort of our own home! :0)

  100. 100

    My baby would rock it all over the house until spring, then outside while mommy and his siblings try to put in a veggie garden!

  101. 101

    I would love a Rockaroo.. my daughter’s multi direction swing broke and she woukd love this !

  102. 102

    In our family room next to the kitchen (where I spend all day) ;-)

  103. 103

    Anywhere in my house!
    Would love to win this,Thanks for the chance

  104. 104
    Nichelle Tran says:

    at my sister in laws

  105. 105

    Down to electric avenue.

  106. 107
    Logan duVon says:

    I have wanted a rockaroo for my son since I began registering!

  107. 108

    Anywhere in the house!

  108. 109
    Brooke Caldwell says:

    At her aunt and uncles! Were about to move to Arkansas where we will be closer to her 3 BOY cousins, so she will need a safe place where she can relax and nap!

  109. 110
    Christine says:

    In our living room. It is the center of our home.

  110. 111
    Kimberly Blankenship says:

    In our living room!

  111. 112

    Your little boy looks so happy! I hope my baby boy loves his rockaRoo too!
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    My baby would defently let my baby rock it in the living room and kitchen

  113. 114

    At home

  114. 115
    Brittney S. says:

    He would rock anywhere! The rockaroo is so compact and light it would be great to travel with.

  115. 116
    Teresa Gill says:

    I have the mamaroo and just love it!!!! I would love to win a rockaroo because I have a infant daycare and it would be put to great use!!!!!

  116. 117

    Thank you for such a great review! My son is 3 months and we use the mamaroo so much. I would really like to get the rockaroo so that we have something that is easily portable to grandmas house.

  117. 118

    living room

  118. 119
    Jessica Anders says:

    All over the place. At 11.5 lbs, I’d be moving it everywhere!

  119. 120

    Right in my living room!!

  120. 121
    Kristina Hamilton says:

    What a great review. Now I want both!

  121. 122
    Rena Galvez says:

    My baby would rock around the house, depending on which room I need to be in!

  122. 123
    Kelley Larsen says:

    I’d use the Rockaroo in my living room so I could see my little guy while I cooked dinner!

  123. 124

    We would rock all over the house

  124. 125
    heather cunningham says:

    I love all of the 4 moms brand products! If I wasn’t having twins I would have loved the origami stroller!

  125. 126

    Can’t wait to serif I get lucky! This would be awesome for my baby

  126. 127
    Shelly Jones says:

    Mostly in the living room, but sometimes in the kitchen or even the bathroom during a shower :)

  127. 128

    Sounds like both the mamaroo and the rockaroo would be great for our new baby.

  128. 129
    Shelley Jones says:

    Wherever our oldest is!

  129. 130

    The rockaroo would go perfect in our living room.
    Abigail recently posted..41 weeks 3 days

  130. 131

    This is an awesome product to have for baby. Thanks for sharing!

  131. 132
    Kati Force says:

    Family room, kitchen, bedroom, laundry room…anywhere and everywhere!

  132. 133

    All over the house!

  133. 134
    Genavie Hess says:

    I’m not going to lie, I’d prolly use this in the kitchen when trying to cook dinner and in the bathroom when trying to take a shower. Love how it’s so portable and smaller than the swing I need to replace.

  134. 135

    in my bedroom!

  135. 136

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to win one for my baby girl due any day. :) I would keep it in our living room since we spend most of our time in there.

  136. 137
    Meghan Dianne Mojica says:

    In the living room!

  137. 138
    Jennifer Geordge says:

    Love the blog and appreciate you going over the similarities and differences between the two.

  138. 139
    Rebekka Martin says:

    In the playroom! While my daughter plays and I exercise

  139. 140
    Becky Downs says:

    Great review, loved the side by side comparison!

  140. 141
    Shanna McKune says:

    Anywhere around the house, it seems small enough to be somewhat portable!

  141. 142


  142. 143

    I’m having a hard time picking which one I like better!

  143. 144

    in the living room! :)

  144. 145
    Rachel Rusch says:

    All over the house, but mostly in the family room!

  145. 146
    Christy H says:

    In the living room!

  146. 147

    In my living room or toy room when we are playing with our older daughter!

  147. 148

    Thanks so much for comparing the mamaroo and rockaroo! I wondered what the differences are as we are looking to get one for baby #2. Of course, winning one would be fantastic too! :-)
    Katie Burns recently posted..Our family is growing!

  148. 149
    Samantha Gross says:

    Everywhere! It looks so easy to move around- could bring it wish us when we go to Grammy’s house! :)

  149. 150
    Maci Reinbold says:

    Would love one in our living room!!!

  150. 151

    The kitchen for sure! Maybe right outside the bathroom door when mommy is getting ready!!
    Ashley recently posted..32 Weeks!!

  151. 152
    sadia shaikh says:

    at home in the living room

  152. 153

    Hoping to win one of these wonderful gadgets! :)

  153. 154

    In our living room!

  154. 155

    Probably near Daddys desk while he works.

  155. 156
    Ashley Bacon says:

    The living room or kitchen while this mommy cooks! Would love to win this!

  156. 157
    Kristen Varner says:

    In our living room. And at pop pop s house

  157. 158
    Leah Quinn says:

    Our living room so our baby girl could see all the action!

  158. 159
    Jessica Rodriguez says:

    EVERYWHERE! That’s the nice thing about the rockaRoo. But we’d probably mostly use it in the livingroom, kitchen and bathroom (so I could shower, hehe).

  159. 160

    I think the mamaroo can easily be moved to any room in the house!

  160. 161

    Ahh I’m so happy someone finally broke it down and compared the two!!! I have a mamaroo and you just answered my questions :) I’m in love with 4moms and would eventually like to I crowd all my random baby stuff and have the 4moms take over instead :)

  161. 162
    Jessica O says:

    I the living room, bathroom, family room, everywhere!!

  162. 163

    It will rock all around the house and also at grandma’s place!!

  163. 164

    Probably, mainly in the living room… but it’s NOT like these are uber-heavy… so, in reality… WHEREEVER IT’S NEEDED! ;-)

  164. 165

    I would rock my baby in the kitchen when making dinner.

  165. 166

    Family room!

  166. 167

    Love the Rockaroo, hope I get a chance to win one! Great article

  167. 168
    Jennifer Cannizzaro says:

    My little princess would rock in the sunroom! She loves all the plants and big windows out there, and with her movement need taken care of I could enjoy them too while I fold laundry….

  168. 169

    My little on would rock in my craft room while I sewed all kinds of cute goodies! And in the bathroom while I showered, and in the kitchen while I made meals…
    Erin recently posted..Weekend Hiking at the Dam

  169. 170

    the main floor of the house!

  170. 171


  171. 172

    Living room!

  172. 173

    In our living rooms!

  173. 174
    katie ringbauer says:

    In the kitchen when I am cooking, in the living room, everywhere!

  174. 175

    Everywhere. :-)

  175. 176
    tallianne says:

    Baby will be rockaroo-ing in the study, while this mama studies to reenter nursing school following a year long maternity leave :)

  176. 177

    In my living room!

  177. 178

    Expecting baby number 3 and I’d love to have a rockaRoo for my little one!
    Athena Rivers recently posted..To keep you looking as classy as you are

  178. 179

    Really hoping to snatch one of these up! My 3 month old would love it and so would mommy!!

  179. 180
    Tiffany A. says:

    I will use it in my living room so I can start some mommy yoga time!!!

  180. 181

    We’d love to use it in living room and bed room, so excited! Thank you for the chance.

  181. 182
    Colleen Solymos says:

    My baby will rock all over! I have a 2 year old ill need to chase around so the rockaroo will need to come along with us. Haha. I sure hope to win one! Great review and comparison. Best ive seen so far!

  182. 183

    In our Living room and kitchen since it’s easy to move around!

  183. 184
    Britney white says:

    In the living room for quiet time when taking care of my other two:)

  184. 185

    In the kitchen! In the bathroom! In the office! So I could get some boring household duties done!

  185. 186
    Jennifer Kreisler says:

    Upstairs, downstairs, in his room, livingroom, in the kitchen when I bake at the fromt window when I rake. My babe is waiting for his rockaRoo to ROCK around the house– wouldn’t you?

  186. 187

    cannot wait to see if i win!!! would love one of these!

  187. 188
    Stephanie says:

    we would be rockin all over the house!

  188. 189

    There is no room in my house I would NOT have use for this. It’s going everywhere!

  189. 190

    We have a 10 week old. He would rock out in our living room primarily but in any room that would help to soothe him!

  190. 191

    My oldest would have loved something like the rockaroo and with number twoon the way and a rambunctious toddler,love a safe place to put the new baby while i cook dinner!

  191. 192
    Kristin Ruder says:

    My baby would rock the rockaRoo every day so he/she could get a break from my other two boys :)

  192. 193
    Felicia R says:

    In the living room

  193. 194

    The living room or the back porch!

  194. 195
    Shirley Bailey says:

    My baby would probably rock in the living room with a new rockaroo :)

  195. 196
    Rachael McGuinness says:

    Everywhere!!!! These look really neat!

  196. 197

    The baby would rock it in the living room!

  197. 198
    Tabitha C says:

    My baby would rock all over in that thing! If it’s really easy and small, why not take it along on outings to the friends or sitters house! Awesome!

  198. 199

    In the basement. It’s so hard to get stuff done because she doesn’t like tobe down there.
    kelly recently posted..The Eleanor Update: Week 15

  199. 200
    Brianne Asar says:

    Living room!

  200. 201

    I am really wanting one of these!! I am due march 29th and have entered every contest there is for a rockaroo!!!
    Joanne recently posted..Workout Wednesday- Cardio Session and Fitness Fashion

  201. 202
    Shannon Lucas says:

    I would probably set up the rockaRoo in the living room, where we spend most of our time together. But seeing how easy it is to move around, I can see baby rocking in it in just about any room of the house!

  202. 203
    Audrey Blackwell Eady says:

    Where would your baby rock in a new rockaRoo? Hopefully everywhere, but the living room would be a great location to allow me to free up my hands when browsing the web or working from home!

  203. 204
    Rachel Davis says:

    Everywhere, but mostly in the living room and kitchen.

  204. 205
    Jennifer (robbins) A. says:

    Baby would rock at home, and at grandma’s! :D

  205. 206
    Melissa P. says:

    My little on would definitely rock in the bathroom so mommy can shower!

  206. 207
    Erica Gomez says:

    I love 4moms

  207. 208

    Anywhere in our house! I love how portable it is. This would be so helpful in getting stuff done as well as spending one-on-one time with my kindergartener too!

  208. 209

    Awesome!!! Thanks for the breakdown of the two seats, what a huge help!!

  209. 210

    Thank you for the review comparison of both. It’s much appreciated and helps a tremendous amount. Now I just gotta scramble up the money and get one! :)

  210. 211
    Michelle M says:

    Baby would be rocking in the living room:)

  211. 212
    Heather Bowers says:

    In the bedroom and living room!

  212. 213

    In my living room and bathroom so mama can shower. He will be born when it’s still warm outside so he will go in the yard a bit too while big brother plays.

  213. 214
    Susana Alvarez says:

    My little one would love this. Especially when mommy is busy with homework or cooking.

  214. 215
    Genevieve Oliver says:

    This little one would rock at home and it’s aunt’s house! (I would say Grandma’s, too, but she swears she can’t wait for May and just wants to hold this little one!)

  215. 216
    Esra Mahmoud says:

    I would place it in my kitchen !!!

  216. 217

    Every room in my house. It is so portable that baby can rock everywhere I go.

  217. 218

    We need a new one for our living room! I think they are so cool!
    Diana @ NannyToMommy recently posted..Pish Posh Baby – 2014 Strollers Available for Pre-Order

  218. 219

    Living room!

  219. 220

    Anywhere I could put it! Most likely in her 8 year old brother’s room – he’s planning on her being with him everywhere!

  220. 221
    Stephanie Crystal Camacho Harper says:

    The RockaRoo would go in the living room and our bedroom and even pack it up to go to Grandmas ;)

  221. 222

    In the kitchen while I cook!

  222. 223


  223. 224

    My baby boy will rock in this all over the house. Thanks!

  224. 225
    Rachael Kendall says:

    This would go great bedside or in the living room by the sofa!

  225. 226
    Angel singh says:

    I wud love one …but i gotta win it so I’ll enter every time ..thx for the chance and if i cud afford it probably the closet place that had it …i really like this

  226. 227
    Lauren DuBose says:

    She would rock all over the house, but especially in the living room with daddy as the DJ! They love to listen to music together. <3

  227. 228
    Svetlana F says:

    In my line of sight while I cook or clean.

  228. 229

    Would love to rock in the living room! This product looks so cool!

  229. 230

    He would use it EVERYWHERE!!!!!

  230. 231

    My baby would rock all over the house! I love how light and easily transportable the rockaRoo is from room to room. I also love the idea of the rocking horse motion and the seat would look awesome in our home (not an eyesore like many other products)!

  231. 232
    Kayla berryhill says:

    my son would love this. I’d use it everywhere in the house. especially in the kitchen or bathroom while im showering

  232. 233

    Any quiet place in the house.

  233. 234

    My sweet boy would rockaRooing in our living room!

  234. 235

    Thanks for the comparison! We have the Mamaroo and now we might need the Rockaroo, too!

  235. 236

    I love that multicolored print!

  236. 237

    Probably the living room so I can play with my 5 year old at the same time. Thanks!

  237. 238
    Rebecca james says:

    Anywhere in the house I am!

  238. 239

    We would love to have this for baby Sam! He loves to be held and rocked and I could definitely use a break :)

  239. 240
    alycia mundall says:

    mostly in the living room!

  240. 241

    Since it’s so easy to move, we would rock anywhere, but in the kitchen while I get some Mommy time cooking would be awesome!

  241. 242

    After I return to work, in my office! Baby will be staying with me at work for the first few months, and it would be great to have this to save space and comfort him while I’m busy.

  242. 243
    Erica Moriarty says:

    In the living room

  243. 244

    Love 4moms stuff!!

  244. 245

    the baby would be in our living room with us while we entertain our 2 year old boy ….and pretty much where ever we are when we cant hold the baby

  245. 246

    We want to love a rockaroo too!!

  246. 247

    I have a little babe on the way and would absolutely adore having a RockaRoo!
    Jessica recently posted..Baby Nelson Gender Predictions

  247. 248
    Shalayne wyatt says:

    My babe would sit and hopefully sleep everywhere in the house in this. I need!!

  248. 249
    Johnny Rachel Miller says:

    We will rock this Rockaroo in our babies room and the living room.

  249. 250
    Aimee Kitching says:

    Your review is so helpful. Thanks for sharing!!

  250. 251

    The baby would probably rock right next to me in our living room!

  251. 252
    Carolina De La Torre says:

    I have read nothing but great reviews! Can’t wait to get my hands on win. I’m going for baby #2…im due anyday now.

  252. 253

    I accidentlly commented on the wrong post!!!!!!!!!! BUT my baby would rock at my house for sure. However, my parents are moving from Michigan (brrrrr) to AZ (where we are) in a matter of weeks! They will be here just in time for her birth. I am their only child and they have waited a long 37 years for this baby to rock right into their hearts. So, surely, she will be rocking at her grandparent’s . I can’t think of a better moving gift, not to mention a warm welcome into this world.

  253. 254

    family room!

  254. 255
    Laurel Bulow says:

    Though I don’t have kids of my own yet, I have 11 nieces and nephews, so any toys and baby stuff at my house are a huge help! Of course, my husband and I are planning on having kids in the future, so having a free rockaroo would be a huge bonus for our future kids :)

  255. 256

    In the living room or kitchen or anywhere really since I could move it better than our massive swing! Pick Me ;) !!
    Molly recently posted..4moms rockaRoo – Mommy Tested, Daddy Approved {giveaway}

  256. 257

    All over the house since it’s so easy to move around.
    Nicole A. recently posted..Super Easy DIY Sharpie Mugs

  257. 258
    Jennifer B says:

    I think I would use the rockaroo in every room of the house! :)

  258. 259
    Valerie C. says:

    Every room I’m in…mostly in living room :)

  259. 260
    Chelsea S. says:

    We would use this in the upstairs, we have the mamaroo for the down stairs.

  260. 261

    I’d use it all over the house but mainly in the family room!

  261. 262
    Erin Chitwood says:

    I officially have to have one of these now! :)

  262. 263

    Love the comparison, but still can’t choose! It might depend on baby’s preferences, right? Now that you have both, which gets used more?

    • 264
      Christina says:

      The rockaRoo is his favorite now, to be completely honest. He likes the motion of it better than the mamaRoo now.

  263. 265
    ronisha parra says:

    my baby would rock in every room. thats what is so great about the rockaroo, its easy to move around the house!

  264. 266

    He or she would rock in our living room, already have a space picked out. :)

  265. 267

    I would keep it in any room I need at the times since it sounds very portable! Baby goes where I go. :)

  266. 268

    in our main room! we do most of our living in there!

  267. 269

    In the playroom, watching her older brother play!

  268. 270

    In the living room

  269. 271
    Katelyn Niemi says:

    With the lightweight, I think baby will be rocking every room of the house :)

  270. 272

    all over the house :)

  271. 273

    I would use anywhere in the house for our baby girl.

  272. 274

    YAY! So excited for this product… really hoping to win one, it’s the first baby gear item my husband has EVER been excited about!

  273. 275
    Jermaine N Amber Hawkins says:

    Baby would rock everywhere! It would be perfect to take with us even when visiting family and friends out of state!

  274. 276

    In our living room

  275. 277
    Cassandra Eastman says:

    Mine would rock in the bedroom and living room. Great review!

  276. 278

    Anywhere I am!

  277. 279
    Alexandra Pitcher says:

    At home while I read to big brother!

  278. 280
    joanna garcia says:

    anywhere in the house but pretty sure the living room!

  279. 281
    Jennifer DiNobile says:

    My baby will Rock the rockaroo at home in the living room

  280. 282

    Right here in the living room!

  281. 283

    All over the house! I love that it is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space.

  282. 284
    Rachel LaBove says:

    The living room is where we’d place the rocker

  283. 285
    Brooke Zigler says:

    Once my baby is born, I see us using this ALL over the house!

  284. 286

    In our family room!

  285. 287
    Wendy stahlnecker says:

    In the livingroom

  286. 288

    I’d use this in my living room!

  287. 289
    Kori Stonerock says:

    In my living room

  288. 290

    Ready to Rock in the Roo!
    Ann @ Turbo Teacher recently posted..Family Forever

  289. 291
    Tracy Dumpit says:

    My little one would probably do most of their rocking in the family room and the living room…or the bathroom door way as I take a shower. ;) My first is due in May so this is going to be a whole new adventure!

  290. 292
    Kelly stahlnecker says:

    Kitchen or livingroom

  291. 293
    Kylie Saine says:

    My baby would love to rock anywhere in the house, but also at his mimi and papaw’s house!

  292. 294

    In the living room – and hopefully to sleep!!

  293. 295

    I spend most of my time in the living room with my doggies. I think they would appreciate how quiet the rockaroo is.

  294. 296

    Would love this for my son.

  295. 297
    Shari Herrington says:

    This would be great for the living room and kitchen! Right now we have a big swing we move all over.

  296. 298

    In the family room most of the time! That way mommy and daddy can play with little #1 without little #2 getting into things.

  297. 299

    I’d use this in the bathroom so that I could take a nice long hot relaxing bath while baby is rocking and relaxing in the rockaroo.

  298. 300

    This is the funniest rockaroo post I’ve seen thus far in their blog campaign. Love it. Your baby is adorable. My 2nd daughter is 5m (about the same age as your son). Also I totally understand about needing a safe spot away from older kids. My 2 yo thinks his sister is a jungle gym now that she’s a bit more sturdy.

  299. 302

    In our bedroom

  300. 303
    Jill Cotten says:

    Anywhere that makes her happy!

  301. 304

    In our living room :)

  302. 305
    Aimee Campbell says:

    Living room and kitchen so I could cook and do dishes :)

  303. 306
    Jennifer Parkinson says:

    Baby would rock away at Grandma and Grandpa’s house! They need something to calm baby down when he stays with them. And the fact that it doesn’t need batteries is a gaurantee that he will get good rest!

  304. 307

    I think it would be a permanent fixture in our living room but I do love that it’s easily transported for those days when mom needs a break and drops the kids off with grandma.

    boylaneely at hotmail dot com
    Michelle Hagewood recently posted..The Melting Pot Cookbook #Review

  305. 308

    I would love to use it in our living room when we are just relaxing!

  306. 309

    Wherever I am if he wants to be near me.

  307. 310

    living room and kitchen

  308. 311
    Jessica yukhnyuk says:

    In the kitchen then most and living room

  309. 312

    Pretty much everywhere, living room, kitchen, bedroom, office – lots in the office so I can get work done and pay bills!
    anastasia b recently posted..Kids Change Everything

  310. 313
    Appreciative says:

    I’d probably use it in more than one room given how portable it is! :)

  311. 314

    Anywhere! Definitely while I am doing laundry or maybe taking a shower

  312. 315
    Nicole Berenguer says:

    My baby would rock all over the house! :)

  313. 316

    Mostly in our living room and dining room but with 2 other toddlers running around at home, I love the thought of being able to put it anywhere I need to, including hauling to Gpa and Gma’s house. :)

  314. 317

    My newbie would rock around the house :) anywhere I went I would bring it with!

  315. 318
    Eddie OConnor says:

    At grandma’s house so mommy and daddy can go to dinner!

  316. 319

    Sounds perfect. I could really use one of these

  317. 320
    lesleeane Chavez says:

    I love this. Can’t wait for my princess to arrive in April and have one waiting for her. I love that it doesn’t take up much space (which we are very limited on), can be moved around easily and is easy on the eyes.

  318. 321
    Lindsay Coffman says:

    In the living room.

  319. 322
    lesleeane Chavez says:

    My baby would rock at home, grandma or grandpas house or over at relatives when we have get togethers. Love that it can be moved around so easily!

  320. 323

    At my in laws house!

  321. 324
    Sarah Burton says:

    My baby boy James would rock in living room, but I would also bring it up to my bedroom/office when I work in the afternoons from home!

  322. 325

    In our living room!

  323. 326
    Lauren Little says:

    In our living room so I can see him while I play with his older siblings.

  324. 327

    ANYWHERE it wants!!!! :D

  325. 328

    Thank you so much for the review!

  326. 329

    Perhaps in the living room or kitchen :)

  327. 330
    Teresa Honores says:

    This would be awesome for anywhere in the house, in our room, baby room , living room, etc…

  328. 331
    amynicole bracken says:

    I love reading all these real life reviews on the 4moms products! I’m itching to win one for our little one coming in May! We didn’t have or need anything like the rockaRoo with our first because he was our only one and I stayed at home, but with a toddler and a newborn, I need this thing! :)

  329. 332
    Tonya Mayo says:

    I have baby #2 due in April and this would be heaven sent!

  330. 333

    On my wish list for baby #2

  331. 334
    Sandy 'Allure' Chiang says:

    Definitely in the living room while I do some chores

  332. 335

    At home in our family room.

  333. 336

    anywhere near me :)

  334. 337


  335. 338
    Andrea S. says:

    Living room!

  336. 339
    Lauren Davis says:

    He’ll be rocking right at home!

  337. 340

    Anywhere in the house depending on what I am doing. Kitchen, while I’m cooking… living room, his bedroom, basement… really anywhere!

  338. 341
    Wing Sau Chiang says:

    I would be putting it in the kitchen so i can watch my grandson while i prepare lunch and dinner.

  339. 342
    Angela Newsome says:

    It’s portable enough that you could take it anywhere, would be great for traveling too!!!

  340. 343

    In our front room while I work in the kitchen.

  341. 344

    My baby would use the rockaroo in our living room which is viewable from the kitchen. Perfect place to use it whenever it’s needed.

  342. 345
    Rachel Johnson says:

    In whichever room I’m in!

  343. 346
    Abigail Wing-Yun Ng says:

    I would put it in the living room while i catch up on some drama and relax on the sofa with a cup of hot cocoa

  344. 347
    Julia Chiang says:

    definitely definitely in the bedroom so i can catch up on some sleep!!!!

  345. 348
    Cheryl Grosser Shaub says:

    In my living room

  346. 349

    With 2 little ones on the way, I have a feeling we’ll be rocking all over the house! :)

  347. 350

    Thank-you so much for the in depth comparison of the two!!! This is exactly what I was waiting to find as I’m very torn between the two!

  348. 351

    My twin gran kids love to rock!

  349. 352

    I so would love to have a rockaroo in my office!

  350. 353

    living room!

  351. 354


  352. 355
    Angela Waring says:

    She will rock EVERYWHERE!!!!

  353. 356

    in the living room

  354. 357
    Emily Franklin says:

    Everywhere in my house!

  355. 358

    We are going to rock in the living room!

  356. 359
    Christina says:

    Love it! Hoping to win one for niecphew on the way!

  357. 360
    Jess Eden says:

    Where ever his little heart desires♥

  358. 361
    Ashley Helstrong says:

    At our house, and the grand parents!

  359. 362
    Shawna Ater says:

    The twins will be rocking all over the house if we win a rockaroo!

  360. 363
    Leah Stevenson says:

    New baby due in March, I’d love to have one of these!

  361. 364

    Our baby would rock all around the house

  362. 365
    Christina Anderson says:

    My baby will use the rockaroo in the living room.

  363. 366

    I would place it in the family room

  364. 367
    Mark Specjal says:

    Love all of 4moms products. The Rockaroo would be a great addition to our nursery.

  365. 368

    My baby would rock out anywhere in the house in a rockaroo!!!

  366. 369
    Megan van Ooyen says:

    My baby would love one of these!

  367. 370

    Baby would rock out in every room in our house!

  368. 371

    All over the house. :)

  369. 372
    Keith baty says:

    Would keep it in our playroom so baby girl can watch her busy brothers play.

  370. 373
    cindy nelson says:

    Anywhere I am, right beside me.

  371. 374
    Amy Schroeder says:

    My baby would rock in the living room looking out side the big picture window that goes to the floor.

  372. 375
    william Mundall says:

    All over the house!!

  373. 376

    It would go to every room in my house!

  374. 377
    Becca Wilson says:

    My baby would rock all over the house!

  375. 378

    In the nursery. I just love this product.
    Laura V recently posted..Build a bear gift card giveaway

  376. 379

    I would gift this rocker to one of my dear friends with a newborn.

  377. 380
    Colleen Maurina says:

    In the family room where everyone gathers!

  378. 381

    Love your review and comparison…and what an adorable little guy!

  379. 383

    My baby would love to rock in the kitchen watching Mama do her cleaning/cooking thing!

  380. 384
    katherine says:

    at my mom’s house

  381. 385
    Danielle H says:

    Baby would rock in the living room and maybe the kitchen too

  382. 386

    I can’t wait to get my 4moms merchandize for the baby.

  383. 387

    In our living room where we spend most of our time!

  384. 388

    We’d rock right in the living room!
    Ashley recently posted..Wholly Guacamole Prize Pack Giveaway 2/6 #NaturalNewYear

  385. 389
    Jennifer Rossotti says:

    I’d love to win. Need a swing for my newborn so bad!

  386. 390

    At grandma’s house.

  387. 391
    kristen visser says:

    my baby would rock this in our living room :)

  388. 392
    Starla Cupp says:

    My baby would rock all over the house. This would be great to use while I am trying to get some housework done.

  389. 393

    I would rock it at home…most of the time probably in the kitchen or living room…but would take it with me if going to a friends house or my parents house too. Julie smartsavvymama@gmail.com

  390. 394

    My baby would rock everywhere in this swing!!!! No lie! I have my fingers crossed that I can get my hands on one of these!

  391. 395

    The best thing about the rockaRoo is that it is so portable so I imagine myself moving it all around the house. From the bedroom to watching TV in the basement to visiting Granny & Pops, the rockaRoo will be by our side! Thanks!

  392. 396
    Amanda Roberts says:

    My baby would rock all over the house!! Where ever I go, baby would come and rock too!!

  393. 397

    All around the house!

  394. 398

    EVERYWHERE! Since it’s so light, it’ll be easy to move upstairs and downstairs!

  395. 399
    amy pugmire says:

    In every room at home and at grandmas too!

  396. 400
    Ryan Origon says:

    He would rock in our bedroom :)

  397. 401

    I would set this up in our family room for our new baby boy to rock in.

  398. 402

    I would carry it all over! Mostly she’d be in the living room, but sometimes the bathroom (so I can get a quick shower), sometimes the nursery, and maybe even my bedroom!

  399. 403
    Gillian hosman says:

    I need this rockaroo for my new baby due april 1!

  400. 404

    Baby would rock in our home gym while I got some exercise in.

  401. 405

    My 3 month old would LOVE this! Adorable fam :)

  402. 407

    We travel a lot, so I would love to take the rockaroo with us on the road, and of course use it at home while cooking dinner or just hanging out!

  403. 408

    I would love one of these of our little guy that is due to arrive March 29th!

  404. 409

    Totally need this for my little girl!!!

  405. 410
    Tiffany Sewell says:

    We would have baby rocking in the living room, our bedroom, the office, and the kitchen! I love that we could easily move it around!!!

  406. 411

    My baby would rock in the family room.

  407. 412

    This piece of baby gear is so cool! It doesn’t seem to take up too much space either.

  408. 413
    Nici Robinson says:

    In the living room and kitchen so maybe I could get things done!

  409. 414

    I think this cute rocker would come into the office – so i could get stuff done while baby is rocking!

  410. 415
    Yvette Travers says:

    our baby would rock in the living room while I’m cleaning and or cooking

  411. 416
    celyneet jusino says:

    my bedroom

  412. 417

    I would use this awesome Rockaroo everywhere for my first baby!
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  413. 418

    In our office/living room, or the kitchen when I cook.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  414. 419
    Lauren Newsome says:

    We would be rockin in the living room!

  415. 420

    We are planning on having our kids sort of close together, so the Rockaroo would come in handy for my 6 month old, and would get tons of use when baby #2 comes along! Thanks for the chance to win!

  416. 421

    I am a first time Mom and baby girl is coming in May. We just bought our first house. Baby needs this to rock out in the new house!!

  417. 422
    Marilyn Nawara says:

    I would probably use it most often in the Family Room while relaxing or watching TV, or in the kitchen while I’m cooking.

  418. 423

    All over the house. Thanks for the chance to win !

  419. 424
    Sonya Morris says:

    My little guy would rock around the house in it.

  420. 425

    At home!

  421. 426
    Joanna R. says:

    In the living room!

  422. 427
    Keri Cress says:

    Baby due in the fall- would be rocking’ all over the house in the Rockaroo!

  423. 428

    In the bathroom so I could shower!

  424. 429

    My baby would rock in the kitchen while I am making dinner – or the living room while I’m folding laundry

  425. 430
    Tracie Trump says:

    At Nana’s house!

  426. 431

    In the living room, kitchen… really all over :)

  427. 432

    i would love to win this. 4moms is my favorite baby brand.

  428. 433
    Shana Gerryts says:

    Love this! My twins due in April could rock all over the house!!

  429. 434
    Angelica Almaguer says:

    My baby girl would rock in the living room

  430. 435

    Right in my office!

  431. 436

    My baby would rock everywhere- love that it would be easy to move around :) Would lOVE to win, i am due wiith our first :)

  432. 437
    Shawn wick says:

    I would love to rock her wherever we are since the rockaroo is lightweight

  433. 438


  434. 439

    This is so awesome ! A friend is letting me barrow her mamaroo which I love ! It would be so nice to have a rockaroo of my very own !

  435. 440

    Beings that is so light & easy to transport from room to room, I don’t see why the rockaRoo can’t be placed in any room of the house!

  436. 441

    Everywhere… having our first lil’boy… first baby… after 15 years of marriage… MIRACLE!

  437. 443

    My baby would rock around the clock all over the house. RockaRoo is very light so it should be easy to take it around with me wherever we go!

  438. 444
    Ashley G. says:

    My baby could rock everywhere. I love that it would be easy to take to Gramy’s house too!

  439. 445

    It would probably move back and forth between our bedroom and the living room!

  440. 446

    EVERYWHERE!!! In the bathroom while I shower in peace! And Rockin around the Christmas tree!!!! ;)

  441. 447

    Would love to win this for our little one due in March! I would use it mostly in the living room, but if it’s so easy to move, I could see us taking it to the inlaws too!

  442. 448

    I would use this in the living room and bathroom and kitchen if I were to use it for my boy, but if I did win, I would give it to my sister who is expecting ANY DAY with her first!

  443. 449
    Allison Villarreal says:

    Every room in the house!

  444. 450

    In the kitchen. Hard to cook and safely baby wear.

  445. 451

    Love this!

  446. 452
    Terry Maigi says:

    She would rock in the living room! Amazing giveaway!!! I’ve wanted one of these SO bad!!

  447. 453
    Jen Martin says:

    My hubby and I are in LOVE with these products! Can’t wait for our baby to use them!

  448. 454

    We live in a townhouse, so we are looking for products that well worth the space they take up. This will be perfect for our first baby!

  449. 455

    I’ve seen 4moms online and was very impressed with the products they produce. Definitely will be investing in their products when our little of bundle of joy is on the way.

  450. 456

    in our family room where we all hang out! i love your blog, pls follow mine too!

    courtney b recently posted..Heavenly Soles Review + Giveaway!!!

  451. 457
    German Lopez says:

    My baby would rock right smack in the middle of our living room where everyone could see him.

  452. 458

    anywhere! this thing is awesome!
    naomi c recently posted..Better Lighting with reveal from GE

  453. 459
    Miroslava Zobov says:

    In our living room! We have a very small house with so little space so this rocker would be perfect for us!

  454. 460

    We are expecting our first baby in August! He or she would rock in a rockaRoo all over the house!!! :)

  455. 461

    In the family room!

  456. 462

    We’d use it in the living room!

  457. 463

    i loved the 4mom bath tub.

  458. 464

    I would rock my baby in my room for the first couple months

  459. 465
    Christina Strapp says:

    Mostly in my living room depending on what I am trying to do.

  460. 466
    Sarah Sampson says:

    Living room or bedroom

  461. 467


  462. 468
    Bryn Winburn says:

    I NEED this for my office! I am a new mom and I’m working from home until I go back to the office. Right now, my son only likes being held – meaning I am stuck typing emails, handling conference calls and putting together PowerPoint presentations one-handed (I’m thinking of adding THAT one to my resume!). I would LOVE to have this as it would help give me my sanity back!

  463. 469
    leslie adcock says:

    My baby would rock in his nicu room

  464. 470

    In the Living room and kitchen.

  465. 471

    I’d love this for my new little guy!

  466. 472
    Lilia Kharabora says:

    All over the house. Kitchen would be super useful and bathroom so I can take a shower ;)

  467. 473

    OOOhh I want this! And NEED it with my newborn twins!!!’

  468. 474

    I need this in my life for babe #2!
    Tandrews recently posted..24 Weeks Tomorrow

  469. 475
    Christina P says:

    I would put this in the living room while I fold the massive amounts of never ending laundry now have to do with baby #2.

  470. 476

    In the living room while I get chores done.
    Jenn K. recently posted..Week in Review

  471. 477
    Stacy Denish says:

    My baby would rock in my family room were we spend our days and nights in!!

  472. 478
    Keith baty says:

    I would rock my baby girl in her new Rockaroo in the garage while I’m doing projects so baby girl can enjoy the outdoors

  473. 479

    Mainly in our living room- sometimes in our playroom

  474. 480

    Well im hoping that baby #2 (not on the way yet) will be rocking in our new home (house shopping now) in a nice spacious living room! ;)

  475. 481

    In the kitchen, while I cook dinner!

  476. 482

    Our little one would use it anywhere and everywhere but mom would love to use it while she takes a bath!

  477. 483
    Carolina De La Torre says:

    I soo desperately need one! Pick me!!! Lol

  478. 484
    Michael Lambert says:

    When my daughter was a newborn, we had her swing in the living room and it traveled with us when we stayed at someone’s house. So probably the same thing with this baby.

  479. 485

    Keeping my fingers crossed!! Would love this for baby #2!

  480. 486

    My twins (hopefully arriving in June) will be rocking at home and even on our camping trips in the RV! :D
    jen recently posted..22 weeks

  481. 487

    In the dining area!

  482. 488
    Stephanie O'Day says:

    Everywhere! I love this!!

  483. 489

    With my first two kiddos, they were not impressed with any swing. With baby 3, she LOVE swings, but we’ve burned out a Graco motor and a Fisher Price hand me down goes through countless batteries (plus it seems to not like our 15 lb baby!). I’m intrigued by these two rockers/swings since they seem to work for older kiddos and will save me $ on batteries! Thanks for the write up! I’ll definitely look into it…though I’m not sure my hubby will love the price! Hard to convince him to buy anything new for baby 3!

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