How To Plan the Perfect Circus-Themed Nursery


The typical circus theme is, and always will be, a classic when it comes to nursery design and inspiration for expectant parents. But where does one start? Pinterest is one of my first stops for inspiration and ideas on all things nursery design. After all, I created a Pinterest Board dedicated to Quinn’s nursery even before I found out he was a boy! By doing this, it helped me track and mark my favorites and kept them all in one spot. His nursery didn’t end up a circus theme (although, I did consider it once I saw this particular Pin). But for those of you looking to design a circus nursery, you can find and draw a lot of inspiration just from Pinterest. A great place to start is on the Project Nursery #SocialCircus Design Inspiration Pinterest Board.

I’m a visual person (which is why I adore Pinterest so much – it’s also why it took me so long to complete Quinn’s nursery), but no matter what your personality or how you plan and put together a room, it’s always a good idea to see your ideas side-by-side before you make a commitment – especially on the larger pieces. Naturally, for me, the next step is to piece together the items I want to purchase in one spot, like on Polyvore. By doing this step, you can get a pretty good idea as to how everything will look once it’s all pieced together.

Finally, to view what other parents have put together, and to gain inspiration from finished nurseries, visit


For a classic circus theme, it’s easy to accomplish this look with shades of red, yellow, black and white – along with fun pops of color to tie in your favorite accent pieces and artwork.

Here are my picks and inspirations to create the perfect Classic Circus Nursery.
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Circus Nursery


A circus nursery doesn’t have to include the typical primary tones red and yellow… One of the hottest color combination trends for baby girl nurseries continues to be pink and aqua. But really, you can make the color theme your own based on your personal taste. For instance, how dreamy would a black, white and metallic circus theme be?

With this combination of the popular pink and aqua, create a more colorful and whimsical circus vibe with these beautiful colors along with coordinating brights and layers of fun – in the form of accents and decor.
{click on the picture to view details of each item}

Baby Girl Pink and Aqua Circus Nursery
What would your circus nursery look like?
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Disclosure: This post is part of the #SocialCircus campaign. All opinions are my own.


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