Choosing to celebrate the #LittleVictories in my daily life as a mom

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As our family has grown over the past 11 years, I’ve learned a lot about myself – way beyond what I could ever imagine. Yes, when you become a mom, whether it be for the first time or the fourth time, your heart expands, you cry more in the first year than you have your entire adult life and you never knew you were capable of loving someone so much. It’s true. But what they didn’t tell me is the need to roll with the punches (figuratively and literally – especially with four boys in the house) and the necessity to celebrate each day’s little victories. Because not one day will look the same and with that brings an array of challenges, celebrations, rewards and choices.

  • Waking up 10 minutes before the kids to sip a cup of coffee in peace?
    The best kind of little victory to start the day off right.
  • Get all the kids out the door on time, fully dressed, baby fed and lunches packed?
    Another little victory to start the day off on the right foot.
  • Get the overtired baby down for a good nap (and he actually stays asleep)?
  • Travel across country and back in two days with a 9-month-old?
    That’s definitely a little victory.
  • Breastfeeding a very busy and distractible 9-month-old baby while on the go for two full days?
    Huge little victory.
  • Figuring out that my baby prefers fresh pumped milk over previously frozen expressed milk?
    A life-saving little victory!
  • Not freaking out when your baby picks up an object off a dirty floor and sticks it in his mouth?
    Yes, even that can be a little victory (especially if you’re a germaphobe like myself).

I could go on and on…

Ever since I’ve started to look at my days in a positive light and celebrating the #littlevictories, I’ve noticed a change. A change in my mood, my outlook on life as a mom; even the way my children react to different experiences throughout the day. Because let’s face it, when mama is happy… everyone is happy! And that statement is not just about my actions. My kids can sense my stress, but the baby senses my stress even more because of our breastfeeding moments throughout the day.



I’ve joined in with other moms to share my real moments, my real life little victories that happen each and every day through Bravado’s #LittleVictories campaign. Little Victories come from finding comfort – both physically and emotionally – in pregnancy, during labor and delivery, while breastfeeding and beyond.
One little victory that I find important and try to achieve on a daily basis is taking care of myself. It all goes back to when mama is happy… but this little victory is all about mama feeling good. Because when you look good, you feel good. And for me, that means 4-5 minutes of my morning.


My best #LittleVictories beauty tip?
Keep a makeup bag on your bathroom counter (or in an easily accessible place). Inside, only put the few things that make you look and feel good about yourself. For me, I keep mascara, blush, lip gloss and bobby pins in my bag. This way I really have no excuse to take a few minutes to myself each and every day. And if that’s the only time I get to myself for that day, at least I got some satisfaction that I managed to do something for myself.

Bravado Designs conducted a survey of more than 1,000 new and expectant mothers in the United States. The online survey was open from February 25, 2014 through March 4, 2014. Key findings include:

Only 8% of moms are extremely satisfied with their ability to manage the multiple demands of their lives.

Come on, moms! We can increase this 10-fold just by changing the way we feel about ourselves and adjusting how we view our daily experiences, challenges and #LittleVictories.

See more #LittleVictories like mine on Bravado’s YouTube Channel.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for the Bravado #LittleVictories campaign. All opinions are my own.

Secret Mother’s Day mission: The reveal

My secret Mother’s day gift arrived Thursday afternoon. While I was good and waited until Mother’s Day to open it (I still had no clue who it was from) the recipient of my gift didn’t wait… She opened her gift Saturday morning. (I can’t say that I blame her though).

Curious to see what I got her?

This scarf from Kate Spade thanks to her “For the Love of Chevron” Pinterest board.

My Facebook stalking investigating included me messaging Andrea’s husband on Facebook to find out her shoe size. He not only played along, he looked at multiple shoes in her closet to give me an accurate size!

I was going to say “Size 9” but just to be safe I looked at a handful of shoes… I see a 9. 9m, 39 (39 must be European size??) – anywho – I’d go with a size 9.

Awesome, right? I was cracking up! What a cool guy…

Remember the item that couldn’t be purchased online and then we couldn’t find at any of the stores? That would be these ballet flats from H and M. These exact shoes were actually pinned by Andrea in her My Style board.

Just as I was about to scrap my original plans (after figuring out that H and M lists items on their website before they actually offer them in the store), I found these at American Eagle.

Cute, huh?

The next day (Mother’s Day) I woke up and opened my secret Mother’s Day gift. Guess who it was from?

Yep. We secretly picked each other!

Here’s my beautiful new Roberta Roller Rabbit beach tote! Andrea nailed it – it’s so me! Then I took it with me to the pool and hung out with my family.

How was your Mother’s Day?

Disclosure: Thanks again to BabyBjorn for provided the funds for the gifts! BabyBjorn wanted to see what real moms wanted for Mother’s Day and what they picked for each other.

Mommy Time: Head, shoulders, butt and toes… (Giveaway)

This week’s Mommy Time happenings have me smiling from ear to ear – with a shade of pink. Let me explain…


On Tuesday, the lovely people at Detour Salon Encinitas brought a few of us in for a “Girls Night”. Frankly, anything that involves good people, good friends, good wine, good food and pampering is right up my alley and a perfect way to get that much-needed Mommy Time.

We learned all about the new Bumble and Bumble color care system, which includes Color Minded sulfate-free shampoo, Color Minded conditioner, Color Minded UV protective styling balm and Color Minded UV protective polish (the styling balm and protective polish together are ah-mazing for getting that beachy-chic look!) And then I got my hair colored, complete with a subtle pink streak on one side. I love it and it makes me feel good — that’s all that matters, right?!

Not the best picture of the pink...

After two full weeks of going to The Dailey Method almost daily, I can already feel my strength and flexibility returning and the tension and tightness in my shoulders is finally starting to subside. This change has been a long time coming. I naturally slouch, tense and carry a ton of stress in my shoulders, which ends up causing a lot of pain.

Working out while working in alignment (and being conscious of my body) is helping me in more ways than one. And for that, I am grateful.
(I’m also grateful for the hour break from my toddler after this week… phew. Hello, separation anxiety.)


Yes… I know. The song goes “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” but honestly, I don’t like my knees unless they are covered by calf-length dress or accentuated by 5-inch heels (yeah right).
So, I changed it to “butt”. And by butt, I mean hiding my butt. While going to The Dailey Method is going to eventually help my behind – we’re nowhere close at the moment. Enter Dino Apparel.

The instructors are (of course) itty-bitty things and are always wearing the cutest workout apparel. Last week, I spotted these on one of the owners and decided then and there that I must have a pair – but they only have XS and S. I thought there was no way in you know where that I would fit into a small, but low and behold, I tried on a pair today and they fit! After I finish my first fitness goal (every day for at least a month), I’m going to buy myself a pair — as my reward.


I have officially moved from a handbag obsession to a shoe obsession. This week? I bought myself another pair of new shoes. Unfortunately for you, I bough them at TJ Maxx and can’t find a link to them anywhere online. Aren’t they adorable?

I also painted my toes again. This OPI color is so pretty in the bottle, but it’s not really my color. It doesn’t look horrible, but I think I’ll stick to the pink, orange and red tones from now on.

Fly by OPI

What did you do for yourself this week?

If you’re in San Diego… How would you like to treat yourself to a free cut and style at Detour Salon? Go ahead! You deserve it!

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About Detour Salon

  • Voted Best Hair Salon by readers of Ranch and Coast Magazine, 2011 and 2012
  • Readers’ Choice, North County Times 2012 and 2011
  • Top 5 San Diego Boutiques,
  • Featured on Dr. Oz
  • My favorite place to get my hair done (while sipping wine)


My favorite beauty finds this week: Feeling better about myself

I really need to start paying attention to myself more. Don’t get your hopes up, I still love my yoga pants – but it’s becoming more and more clear that I’m not getting any younger and I’ve finally learned that a fresh coat of nail polish can change my mood for the better.

A few weeks ago I got my hair done — it had been almost six months since my last appointment (I told you I need to start paying attention to myself more often). Sometime over the past six months, my body became allergic to the same dye mixture that my stylist has been using for years. Apparently, my sensitive skin is becoming more and more sensitive by the day.
It was that amazingly uncomfortable experience that led me to my bathroom cabinet and coaxed me to toss everything one year or older and/or everything that I couldn’t remember when or where I got it.

It’s time to start fresh.

I gave the Arcona Triad Pads more than a week before I said anything because the results I saw after just two days was borderline mind-boggling.

A cleanser and toner in one that I can take with me on the go? I was pretty much sold.
The circular wipes that don’t require a washcloth and harbor the fear that I’m going to tip the entire bottle of toner over the second day I own it? Totally sold.
OPI atomic orangeAnother thing I’ve been doing to keep myself accountable… every time I get my hair done, I get a new nail polish. This time? I went with OPI Atomic Orange. Its way less orange in person and coordinates really well with coral, pinks and browns.
mulu scarfAnd finally, to dress up my yoga pants (and my jeans), I’m currently coveting this Mulu striped infinity scarf by Raven and Lily. I’m quite amazed how put together I can look with a fun scarf, fresh color on my toes and a glow to my face.

I think I like this whole holding myself accountable thing…

What do you do to make yourself feel better?

Moms: Get ready for the holidays with Yummie Tummie

The clock is ticking… the holidays are sneaking up on us and I don’t know about you but my ‘goal weight’ is nowhere in sight.

Even though I’m actively trying — and even if I could see the light at the end of the tunnel — I still rely on my best kept (ha) mommy secret… Yummie Tummie my friends, Yummie Tummie.

Yummie Tummie and I have a love-love relationship and because I’m all about sharing the wealth, I introduced Yummie Tummie to some of my friends at BlogHer 2011 a few months ago. I think they fell just as hard as I did — what do you think?

I didn’t want to exclude anyone so… I’m giving away some Yummie goodies to you!

Enter below to win one of TWO $100 gift cards to Yummie Tummie… and join the Yummie club. You’ll be so happy you did!


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