10 Things I Love (BlogHer Edition)

I had not one but two posts scheduled to go… but? Life. That’s pretty much all I really have to say but you know I wont just leave it at that.

As if packing 27 pairs of shoes, running a killer contest, planning some awesome stuff, and drinking 5 cups of coffee (in 2 hours) isn’t crazy enough (in a good way)(well maybe not the coffee part– I was a little twitchy for about 6 hours)… My baby (toddler) decided to go and spike a fever the night before I leave for BlogHer. So instead of drinking my “sleepy time tea” (tylenol pm anyone?) I’m setting my alarm every 4 hours to check on my little sickling.

Basically, if you’re going to BlogHer, I’ll be the one with one eye open, coffee cup in hand and I might use your shoulder as a pillow. I promise I don’t snore. But… I’ll look good (I’m not that vain) because I have spent the past few days (prior to the fever part) playing dress-up in everything Yummie Tummie. I’m in love with everything and I’ll be wearing everything Yummie for the next 3 days. Basically I encourage you to come check out my butt, hips and tummy.

Also, if you’re going to BlogHer, here are some useful or useless things about me that I took from a previous post.


10 Things I Love

1. Coffee. I was never one to drink coffee every.single.morning till I had kids. Three kids later, you don’t want to speak to me or see me before I’ve had my morning coffee. (I want to take this moment to formally apologize to my BlogHer roommate, Christine).

2. Thank You Cards. or any paper product for that matter. I love cards. I love buying them, I love making them, I love finding new designs, I love the way I feel when I receive a card in the mail, I love sending out a little hand written hello. (I’m so going to get my paper on at The Queen Bee Market on Saturday).

3. Sleep. Maybe it was all those years of waking up at a gawd awful hour to strap on some white boots with sharp, shiny blades (ice skates) and exercise create beautiful movements (ok, I totally just laughed at myself) but I love me some sleep. Why I keep having kids, I don’t know. Totally kidding. I could sleep all day after sleeping all night. I’m a total bear if I don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep. What mom gets more than 8 hours of sleep?! That’s probably why coffee is #1 on my list. (Again, I’ll be the one with one eye open and coffee cup in hand).

4. Feather Pillows. and not just one or two. 5 feather pillows. While we’re on the topic of feathers and sleep, I can’t forget the feather comforter. Which now brings me to- soft, super high thread count sheets. (You better believe I travel with pillows).

5. Sweets After Dinner. My grandpa passed this one down. Even if it’s a small bite of dark chocolate, I must have something sweet after dinner. (I’m told that during BlogHer, drinks count for this one).

6. Quiet Time. (How I think I’ll be party hoping, I do not know– see #3).

7. Watching Drama TV. (Good thing I just spent 5 hours on the couch with my girl Megan watching The Bachelorette and got that out of my system).

8. Music. I love all things music. I always have music playing- in the car, in the house, in my head- and now my kids love music which, makes me so so happy. (Don’t worry, I don’t sing. But you might catch me bobbing my head).

9. Lenny Kravitz. I am mesmerized by this man. (Anyone know if he’s going to BlogHer?)

10. My Family. (The token family shout-out. Although, this time, I’m really going to have them on my mind… thanks to the stupid fever).


Say Wow Not Ow with a Private Yummie Tummie Style Session (FINALISTS announced)

Do you dream of being comfortable and stylish in clothing that not only makes you look good but also makes you feel good? Do you imagine clothes that smooth, slim and shape your natural curves? Do you long for Slimmers and Shapers that you can wear all day… things that make you say “WOW” not “OW”?

Then I may have just made your day a Yummie day…

What: Say Wow Not Ow with a Private Yummie Tummie Style Session during BlogHer San Diego

When: Saturday, August 6th

Why: Because you are Yummie and we love you!

Who: One lucky winner will win a head-to-toe wardrobe and style session from Yummie Tummie


Congratulations to the six (the judges had an extremely hard time picking only five) finalists!

aaaaand in no particular order…

Laura from An Uncommon Family

Eileen from Bringing up Bronwyn

Mandalyn from Mandalyn and the Stinky Cheese

Lisa from Nickels-n-Dimes

Vixen from Vixen’s Den

Melanie from Mel, A Dramatic Mommy


The (Yummie) Details:

  • Follow the Official Rules (detailed below)
  • Be creative! Tell us your story– why you want, deserve and/or need a style session with Yummie Tummie! Include some of your favorite pieces from the Yummie Tummie site, tell us about your stubborn areas, and anything else you’d like to include (see the rules below for additional blog post requirements).
  • On Friday, July 29th, 2011 five (5) finalists will be selected. Finalists will be notified via email and announced on the Yummie Tummie Facebook/Twitter page.
  • All finalists must confirm their sizing (directly from the Yummie Tummie site– top of the page “Sizing Chart” ) and supply the information to me once selected as a finalist.
  • The winner will be announced Thursday, August 4th, 2011 on the Yummie Tummie Facebook Page and Yummie Tummie Twitter page. Make sure you follow along with the Twitter hashtag #YummieChristina for updates!
  • Yummie Tummie will select the winner.
  • One (1) winner will receive a head-to-toe wardrobe and private style session from Yummie Tummie and me.
  • Winner must be available Saturday, August 6th, 2011 at the Marriott Marquis (in a private room). You must be able to attend one of the two time spots- 10:30AM or 3:00PM


Official Rules:

  • You must complete a post on your personal blog (minimum of 250 words) telling us why you would like to win the Say Wow Not Ow Private Yummie Tummie Style Session at BlogHer
  • Entry deadline is Friday, July 29th, 2011 at 11:59PM PST
  • You must email the link to your post to: Christina {at} MommyLovesCoffee.com with the subject: “Say Wow Not Ow Yummie Tummie Style Session”
  • You must sign a release to be photographed and video taped for use by Yummie Tummie
  • Open to all entrants but you must be attending BlogHer 2011
  • You must include the Yummie Tummie Facebook page, Yummie Tummie site link and Yummie Tummie Twitter page in your entry post– and encourage friends and family to “put in a good word” on Facebook and/or Twitter for you! (Note: Winner will not be selected based on Facebook or Twitter interaction)
  • You MUST be available at one of the two time spots provided (10:30AM or 3:00PM)


Be creative, have fun and Live. Shape. Happy. with Yummie Tummie!


I’d like to thank Yummie Tummie for being my sponsor for BlogHer and… for being so awesome.




What Do You Get The Woman Who Has Everything?

Mom! If you’re reading this, please stop. Thank you.


If you’re not my mom… you may read on.


I have the hardest time getting gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything (like my mom) but after experiencing the ila Facial at NuboNau, I’m no longer at a loss. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Seriously.

I usually don’t get facials (because I have the world’s most sensitive skin) but after reading more about the ila line (and already having a love for everything at NuboNau), I knew I wouldn’t have anything to worry about– everything in the ila line is pure, natural and organic.

ila was founded on the belief that radiant, glowing skin comes from a joy within, and that meeting the skin at this level produces profound results both inside and out. Originally introduced as Himalayan Goddess – a two-line product range divided into ‘feminine spirit’ and ‘energise & detox’ – the brand’s concept of wellbeing through the skin developed following two decades of study into the subtlety of being.

Central to ila’s healing potential is the higher energy or vibration present in its products. Each ingredient is chosen for its spiritual attributes as well as its physical and emotional benefit: Argan oil – an ancient and mystical oil that deeply nurtures; Himalayan salt crystals that hold the essence of purity from over 250 million years, and Rosa damascena, nature’s most therapeutic nectar. And in order to harness nature’s rawest, purest energy, the company’s infrastructure – from petal to product – functions at the most ethical, sustainable and nourishing level possible.

NuboNau now has a new Facial Room (yay) providing natural and organic facial treatments. But it’s more than a facial- it’s a whole experience. The environment at NuboNau is a treat that everyone should get to have- the sights, the smells, the products and the staff.

There are currently two options for the Facial Room at NuboNau:

1. The Aromatherapy Associates Facial- Highly Effective & Anti-Aging

Potent essential oils and facial massage work together to firm and improve skin tone and texture. This natural, highly effective treatment minimizes the signs of aging without using harsh chemicals.

  • Inca Inchi and Larch extract to stimulate collagen formation to deliver firm and tightened skin
  • Pomegranate and Rosehip seed oil work on slowing down the effects of aging skin
  • Lymphatic massage to improve skin suppleness and elasticity


2. The ila Spa Facial- For a Glowing, Radiant Complexion

A pure, holistic facial experience using light lymphatic drainage and marma massage to give you a radiant glow. Inspired by the technique taught by Shaman women in Mexico, this is a healing treatment that brings feelings of bliss and peace.

  • To open up the energy field of the face and neck
  • To then work the marma points to remove blockages and stimulate flow of energy
  • To apply the “Light Technique”- relieving stress and tension in the face to reveal radiant skin

I debated for a few minutes and then decided I needed to relieve stress more than slow down my aging skin so I went with the ila Spa Facial. The ila Spa Facial had me so beyond relaxed while listening to music and chants performed by the founder of ila, Denise Leicester. Seriously, she picks her own ingredients with love and sings like an angel- I only wish I had her talents. I’m a huge fan of getting massages (who isn’t?) and this was just as, if not more, relaxing as a massage. The only thing that I raised an eyebrow to was the words “lymphatic drainage massage”. Those three words made me a little uneasy at first but now? I think that everyone should experience a lymphatic drainage massage. Heaven.

Seriously you guys, I’m not just tooting a horn for nothing here.

If you are stuck and don’t know what to get for your wife, mother, sister… even my dad would dig this… you will not be sorry. And treat yourself to one while you’re at it.

Check out NuboNau in Encinitas- 553 S. Coast Highway, Encinitas, 92014 or call the Facial Room Concierge 760 632 4800 and tell them Mommy Loves Coffee sent you!


Disclosure: NuboNau provided me with a complimentary ila facial. I was not paid or required to write this post and all my words and opinions are my own.


I’m going to be Yummie at BlogHer 2011!


I’m happy, no thrilled actually, to announce that I’ll be sponsored by Yummie Tummie at BlogHer in San Diego on August 5th and 6th, 2011!

This comes at a perfect time considering I put a goal in place, oh… back in May to drop a certain amount of weight before my 3oth birthday (which just passed). I really don’t know what I was thinking because that “certain amount of weight” which I gracefully decline to announce was not exactly realistic. But more importantly, I had a revelation a few weeks ago.


I am a mother of three children.


Okay, that’s not the revelation. Obviously.

But this is… It is okay if I’m not the 21-year-old Christina I once was. I have three beautiful, healthy children to show for and slipping into my pre-pregnancy jeans after I pop out a child is just not in the cards for me genetically. I have also learned that I’m not alone. And that most of us mothers carry our weight in really stubborn places.

Now, I believe in living healthy and feeling good about myself. Not only for myself but for my husband and my children, too. So I sometimes begrudgedly schlep myself to the gym and watch what I stick in my mouth cause, you know, I want my kids to grow up seeing mommy be conscious of her health, see mommy being physically active and see that mommy takes care of her body. In hopes they follow suit. It’s that whole catch-22: you only live once. Live it up but remember that this is your only body to live it up in. I’d also like to take this moment to thank my genetics for packing on weight in stubborn areas all because I had a baby (or three). Doesn’t seem fair, huh? I digress.

The truth (for me at least) is… it’s hard. It’s hard to fit in exercise (and stay motivated), it’s hard to eat healthy (when all I want is sugar and salt) and it’s hard when I have bad days (usually prompted by trying to wear something other than my yoga pants). It’s even harder when I’m hormonal (but I don’t need to elaborate on that one).

I know I’m making the steps, I know I’m trying, so instead of beating myself up about it, I’m just thankful to have Yummie Tummie.

I showed my husband the difference and he said it perfectly. This is what he said,

It’s not a miracle worker, it doesn’t make you lose the weight, but it makes you look good!

And I took it as a compliment. Cause it’s true. But most of all, I think he saw my confidence level shine through in my attitude, posture and smile when he saw that I was not only looking good but feeling good while wearing the Yummie Tummie shaper under my clothes. And like I mentioned before, I can now fit into a lot of my old clothes without getting a tummy ache from pants that dig into my belly or without buying only empire waist tops to hide the muffin that is my hips.

So when you see me at BlogHer 2011, come say HI, check out what I’m wearing and you just might want to follow the hashtag #YummieChristina because I’m known to do/give some cool stuff. But that’s all I can say… for now at least.

PS You should follow Yummie Tummie on Facebook and Twitter, too. Go ahead and tell them I sent you…


H&M Opens in Carlsbad and Gives Back

H&M opened in Carlsbad last week and we were there to help celebrate!

The two-story Carlsbad H&M offers Women’s, Men’s, Junior’s, Children’s (0-14), Lingerie, Maternity, Basics and Accessories. The only thing missing is their Trend line (and for that you just have to drive a little north to South Coast Plaza or Los Angeles).

As part of the opening day celebration, H&M Carlsbad donated a financial grant in the amount of $2,500 to support the programs at the Boys & Girls Club Carlsbad and invited some of the members to shop, with a $50 Gift Card, before the store opened to the public. I loved seeing the kids running around with their shopping bags full of goodies. One of the girls checked out and used all but 4 cents of her gift card… she was pretty happy with that accomplishment. And rightly so!

While touring the store I was blown away by their Children’s department! Some of their little girl dresses almost made me want to have another baby, almost. And for once the 0-5 year Boys section was as big and as adorable as the Girls section. I grabbed a lightweight striped cardigan (the one in the picture above), some Toy Story Tees, a Kermit the Frog Tee, some fun summer shirts and a Cars hat for my little Cars obsessed toddler. Oh, and baby suspender. Yes, baby suspenders. I couldn’t pass them up. But who could for only $4.95?

After pulling myself away from the Children’s section, I did a little damage for myself (and actually bought some colorful pieces instead of the same ol’ black and… black). I love their current styles & colors, the wall full of totes & handbags, the Basics line is to die for amazing… yeah, I’m in trouble. I even brought my husband back that same night so he could scout out the Men’s section. Yeah, he’s in trouble, too. Or should I say our bank account is in trouble.


H&M is located in The Forum Shops in Carlsbad, CA.

1923 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad, CA 92009

Don’t live near Carlsbad (or another H&M location)? No fret! The US H&M Website will be coming Spring 2012!


Another thing to look forward to this year is the new children’s collection for H&M and UNICEF’s All For Children coming in September 2011. This new children’s line, full of adorable pieces, will be available in 150 stores worldwide (and online) and 25% of all sales from the All For Children line will go directly to UNICEF’s programs to help promote children’s rights to education and protection in vulnerable communities.

H&M’s All for Children collection is full of playful and timeless pieces which parents as well as their kids will love. The collection has the subtly of detail and design attention you’d expect from a full fashion collection, and always made with the child in mind.

The All for Children collection is made to be versatile, so the pieces can be mixed and matched and worn throughout the season and beyond. It’s also one to be coveted, with cashmere used throughout to provide comfort for when the colder weather comes in. Designs are updates of well-loved classics, giving them a contemporary twist. For girls there are dresses, skirts, shorts and gilets, with floral prints, bow-tie decorations and stripe trimmings, all in autumnal colors of nude, mole and coral. For boys, there are check shirts, sweat-pants and hoodies, cord blazers and the essential parka.

Funds raised by the collection will support the All for Children initiative, which aims to create long-term change for generations of children in some of the poorest parts of the world, where many of H&M’s clothes are made.

H&M will support UNICEF work to protect children’s rights in Bangladesh, which will help provide access to schools. We believe that children who learn how to read and write are better equipped to make informed choices about their future.

For more information about All For Children, visit http://www.hm.com/allforchildren/

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