How Do They Celebrate Father’s Day in Hollywood?

I wouldn’t know because a) I’m not a father and b) my invite got lost in the mail. (hehe).

I did, however, follow the event on Twitter (of all places) and felt like I was right there with Laila Ali, Emily Deschanel, Ali Landry, Kevin Nealon, Autumn Reeser, Samantha Harris and many, many more. Don’t worry; I think they all brought their husbands for the Father’s Day festivities. Except for Kevin Nealon. I think he just brought his son.


Laila Ali and newborn baby girl Sydney try out the new Britax Baby Carrier

While sitting in my PJs on my couch ooh-ing and aah-ing over the fresh baked babies and sporty new Britax Baby Carriers I followed the Pre-Father’s Day Mini Golf Open hosted by Britax and Baby Buggy.

Actress and Mom, Ali Landry, who is expecting her second child in October, w/ daughter Estella (3)

The event, held at Castle Park in Sherman Oaks, CA, was flooded with celebrities, VIP’s and their families to celebrate the launch of the new Britax Baby Carrier.

Guests, sporting the new Britax Baby Carrier, celebrate a hole in one

Some attendees (and even mini golf participants) wore the new Britax Baby Carrier while chatting, putting and raising awareness for Jessica Seinfeld’s non-profit organization, Baby Buggy.

Founded in 2001 by Jessica Seinfeld, Baby Buggy aims to provide families in need with essential gear, services and clothing required to keep their children safe and healthy. For more information, visit

During the event, Britax presented Baby Buggy with nearly $20,000.00 in new product (baby carriers, strollers, and car seats) that the organization will pass along to LA-area families in need.

With actor Kevin Nealon (“Weeds”) looking on, Emily Deschanel helps Baby Buggy secure nearly $20,000 worth of donated Britax product that will be given to LA-area families in need.

The Britax Baby Carrier will be available this summer but some sites are taking pre-orders. Retail for the Britax Baby Carrier is going to be around $130.

For more information about the Britax Baby Carrier, visit

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