My Bucket List- Flash Mob (check)

Do you have a Bucket List? You know, a list of things you want to do before you die? Gee, that’s not morbid or anything.

I don’t really have a “Bucket List” (which is hilarious considering I’m obsessed with anything to do with the word “list”) rather I make a mental note of things I would really like to do.

One of the things that I’ve wanted to do was a Flash Mob.

If you don’t know what a Flash Mob is that’s okay cause I’m going to tell you. I thought everyone knew what a Flash Mob was until my husband looked at me with bug-eyes and dropped his lower jaw to the floor. He heard the word “flash” and you can guess where his mind went.

A Flash Mob is a secret plan. It’s a group of people (usually a very large group) that learn a choreographed dance in advance and plan to perform it at an exact place, date and time. The people participating don’t necessarily need to know each other but they know it’s happening, through friends or what have you, and plan to be in the same place at the same time. Usually the location of choice has to be in the know so the music can be played over a loud speaker…

This past weekend I attended BlogHer. Two amazing ladies from San Diego (Theresa and Mary) planned a Flash Mob (naming it Operation Glory) and choreographed a dance to the Lady Gaga song- Edge of Glory. The first thing they did was send an email but word spread like wildfire and it was hard for them to keep track of everyone so a private Facebook group was formed. They worked their booties off (literally. have you seen how tiny they are?) keeping the group organized, posting private videos of the dance, answering questions, getting the founders of BlogHer involved, breaking the groups into 6 sections, posting more private videos of the dance and holding local practices at a dance studio. Sounds like a lot of work, huh? Well, it was. But after seeing Theresa cry at our first group practice (which they also broadcasted live for anyone not able to make the practice, including participants/other BlogHer attendees from all over the US), we all knew their hard work was going to pay off.

As the days got closer I texted counts and dance move tips back and forth with some friends who were not able to make the practices, checked the Facebook group for updates, practiced, got sick of the song, and waited.

The first day at BlogHer (the day before the Flash Mob), we had a secret practice at a neighboring hotel. I had just met (for the first time in person) a Marketing Communications Manager (and now friend) that I have become close with over the past year and I basically told her that she was going to participate. Being the trooper that she is, she learned the dance and happily became part of Operation Glory.

Friday morning came fast and the hours seemed to go even faster. There were talks of “liquid courage”, people were randomly walking around the lunch pavilion without any shoes on and I was acting like a loon. I made plans to meet with the writers of Baby Gizmo (Morgan, Christine and Hollie) for lunch cause I thought I could totally play it cool… and I wanted them to be there for the Flash Mob. Morgan knew about it, Christine was in it but Hollie had no clue. As Hollie came up to me, I gave her a nervous smile (imagine a baby pooping- it probably looked like that) and told her that I couldn’t eat yet. Looking back, I probably sounded like a total idiot but I was so nervous. I couldn’t focus let alone form intellectual sentences. I watched the minutes get closer and closer to 12:15PM and then it started…

(and NBC was there to catch it on camera!)

View more videos at:

(Check out 1:11 and you’ll see me up close and personal)

Theresa stood up and started dancing.

Then group 1 got up and started dancing.

Then group 2 (my group) joined in… and so on.

The thrill, the rush, of dancing with 125 other women in front of a thousand strangers was unreal. People rushed to the center of the (huge) lunch pavilion and started taking pictures and video. I don’t think I ate until the nerves subsided- which was a good hour (maybe more) after the dance.

I told only a few people. My sister was also at the conference so I wanted her to be there and not make other plans. I also told a few other people (who happened to have video cameras) right before it started because they were going to leave and that was the only way I could get them to stay. and, of course, my husband knew. I’m just not sure if he knew exactly what I was doing.

Maybe I do need to start a true Bucket List on paper. Cause I can totally cross off Flash Mob.

Here’s a shorter version of it but it’s easier to see the dance and how amazing it was.


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