Modern and simple LEGO Valentine’s Day cards

This year I really wanted to create Valentine’s Day cards that were not only age appropriate for my kids (and their friends) but functional, too. For my 9-year-old son we decided to incorporate one of his favorite toys – LEGO. What 9-year-old child doesn’t adore LEGOs?

Using a play on words, we created a functional, easy-to-make, modern and simple looking Valentine’s Day card.


  • White cardstock paper
  • Paper cutter
  • 3-inch x 5-inch plastic bags (lollipop bags are the perfect size)
  • Stapler
  • Colored staples (optional)
  • Letter stamps
  • Stamp pad or stamp marker
  • Corner cutter
  • 9 red square LEGO pieces (2 rows of 2 pegs aka “2 block”)
  • 3 red rectangle LEGO pieces (2 rows of 4 pegs aka “4 block”)


  1. Cut one piece of cardstock paper in fourths (one piece of cardstock paper makes 4 Valentine’s Day cards).
  2. Round the corners of each card.
  3. Stamp “Valentine,” at the top of each card.
  4. Stamp “never LEGO my heart!” at the bottom of each card.
  5. Create a LEGO heart (see below for detailed directions).
  6. Place one LEGO heart in each plastic bag.
  7. Fold the open end of each bag under, staple to the card.
  8. Write child’s name of the back or the bottom of the card.

Tip: You can substitute the stamping with markers to make it easier. You can also create the heart with multiple colors or another solid color if you cannot locate all red bricks.

Building a LEGO heart – visual directions:

Click to enlarge

Warning: This Valentine card is meant for older children because of the small LEGO pieces.

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