What I Learned From A Road Trip Vaction With My Kids

Driving through Los Angeles

So we survived our first ever long-distance road trip with all 3 kids. But like with everything in life, I learned a lot from the experience.

Here’s what I took away from our 4-day trip to visit family.


  • A 6-hour drive is a loooong drive with 3 kids.
  • My kids love Blue’s Clues, Yo Gabba Gabba and Raffi.
  • If I hear Blue say “Bow Wow Wow Wow” one more time…
  • I get giddy every time we drive by Disneyland (even if we aren’t going to Disneyland).
  • I love my Minivan.
  • I also love Starbucks Drive-Thru.
  • And In and Out.
  • My diet went out the window for 4 days.
  • Check to see if your Travel Potty is set up properly before initial use.
  • Don’t let your husband video tape you while you try to get a 3-year-old to pee in a half-functioning travel potty.
  • Pulling over to the side of a busy freeway is scary stuff.
  • Note to self- ask potty training child if he has to go potty before entering a long stretch of road with no exits.
  • When there’s no bathroom in sight, a potty training boy will do his thing off the side of a boat.
  • I’m getting tired of all the potty talk.
  • Speaking of boats, apparently I now get seasick.
  • I actually do use everything I over pack.
  • I still forget a few things.
  • High chair booster seats are really cheep at Target.
  • Saying no to one of the many family events packed in 2 days is okay.
  • Getting a few hours to myself (or with just one kid) is quite refreshing.
  • Don’t stay a block away from an Old Navy.
  • Old Navy is dangerous.
  • Old Navy has some cute things right now.
  • My kids are not car sleepers.
  • The car ride home is the same distance as it was the first time.
  • Checking the map on your phone is not going to make it go any faster.
  • Going to the gym after taking a week off is painful.


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