Upcycling A Train Table

We’ve had a Train Table for many, many years. It has been in almost every room in our house, in storage, in a pile of items to get rid of, then back in our living room. After gluing the tracks to the table, and having our King Kong of a 1-year-old rip every piece off, we learned that our train-obsessed 3-year-old prefers to build his trains on the floor anyway. The table has sat behind my couch for months just taking up space… and housing whatever toys I put on it while cleaning the floor. Today my husband suggested that we move the train table to another room so our 8-year-old son can use it for his LEGO pieces/creations. Sounded great and all except we don’t have a ton of space left in the house not to mention space where the mouth-crazy toddler can’t get.

Then I had an idea.

How about we take off the legs and put it under the 8-year-old’s bed?

I measured the tabletop and determined it would fit under his bed. Perfect.

To date, none of our kids have ever had toys in their rooms; books and stuffed animals are fine but toys have always been kept in the playroom. Things have changed now that we are literally maxing out our living space and hoping, trusting that our oldest son can be responsible with a few toys in his room. (Gotta start somewhere, right?)

Here is the train table (top) under his bed.
Yes, it’s upside down. 
Here’s why…
The train table is now a play table! 

The rounded edges on the top of the table allow it to slide in and out from under the bed easier than with it right side up.
I’ve seen expensive trundle-style play tables (usually with wheels) but we were able to take what we already had, upcycle it, and not spend a thing. Of course we are now storing the legs and hardware just in case we decide to convert it back again.

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