Need a “Girl’s night?” try Burlap in Del Mar

While it wasn’t technically a “girl’s night”, a bunch of us San Diego girls got together two weekends ago for Sunday brunch at one of San Diego’s newest hot spots – Burlap Del Mar.

Although, it kind of felt like a girl’s night…

Slim-Jim clad Bloody Marys were flowing, there was a DJ spinning beats a few feet from our table, a fashion show started towards the end of our meal and the local vibe was fun — great for people watching.

“Girl’s night” could totally turn into Sunday brunch from now on as far as I’m concerned. Especially since we were having a blast and eating great food.

(Although, the place was packed with kids brunching with their parents, so I could see us taking the kids one of these days, too).

Chef and BRAVO’s Top Chef finalist Brian Malarkey creates a playful “Asian Cowboy” cuisine best described as where “West Eats Meat”. Now that I think of it, our waiter totally looked like a cowboy – minus the cowboy hat and chaps. He quickly became a table favorite with his knack for knowing how and when to keep the drinks coming.

Believe it or not… I actually ate something, too!

I ate sushi without soy sauce for the first time. This is a huge deal for me because I usually douse my sushi in soy sauce – each side, then top and bottom. But, I wasn’t prepared (aka I was running late) so I didn’t bring my own gluten-free soy sauce (plus I had no idea they even had sushi). I gave it a whirl anyway and I absolutely loved it. I ate sushi without soy sauce – it was that good.

Then I had an egg scramble with lobster and spinach while I watched the rest of the table chow on the most amazing looking sticky buns.

Our party (and our volume) really got going when they brought out the Zodiac menu. They actually pair a drink to your zodiac sign and base your ingredients around your sign and palate. I was highly intrigued and amused by this menu considering I had no idea what zodiac I was and had to look it up. I’m the rooster.

Basically, I’ll be going back for a girl’s night in the near future and checking out the Zodiac menu to see if they got it right. I’m sure they do because, really, they pretty much nailed every little detail of our brunch.

Welcome to Burlap, where the ‘West Eats Meat’! Described in Executive Chef Brian Malarkey’s playful tone as “Asian Cowboy” cuisine, Searsucker’s sister restaurant Burlap offers a hybrid of meat, seafood and bold sides with Asian influences. Burlap embraces the relaxed North County San Diego vibe while injecting Chef Malarkey’s playful touch on the coastal destination. The menu includes fresh seafood caught in local waters and responsibly raised meat and poultry from local farms.

Disclosure: We were treated to brunch at Burlap but no one asked me to write about it.. I did because I wanted to and I loved it. All my opinions are my own.

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