10 Things I Love (BlogHer Edition)

I had not one but two posts scheduled to go… but? Life. That’s pretty much all I really have to say but you know I wont just leave it at that.

As if packing 27 pairs of shoes, running a killer contest, planning some awesome stuff, and drinking 5 cups of coffee (in 2 hours) isn’t crazy enough (in a good way)(well maybe not the coffee part– I was a little twitchy for about 6 hours)… My baby (toddler) decided to go and spike a fever the night before I leave for BlogHer. So instead of drinking my “sleepy time tea” (tylenol pm anyone?) I’m setting my alarm every 4 hours to check on my little sickling.

Basically, if you’re going to BlogHer, I’ll be the one with one eye open, coffee cup in hand and I might use your shoulder as a pillow. I promise I don’t snore. But… I’ll look good (I’m not that vain) because I have spent the past few days (prior to the fever part) playing dress-up in everything Yummie Tummie. I’m in love with everything and I’ll be wearing everything Yummie for the next 3 days. Basically I encourage you to come check out my butt, hips and tummy.

Also, if you’re going to BlogHer, here are some useful or useless things about me that I took from a previous post.


10 Things I Love

1. Coffee. I was never one to drink coffee every.single.morning till I had kids. Three kids later, you don’t want to speak to me or see me before I’ve had my morning coffee. (I want to take this moment to formally apologize to my BlogHer roommate, Christine).

2. Thank You Cards. or any paper product for that matter. I love cards. I love buying them, I love making them, I love finding new designs, I love the way I feel when I receive a card in the mail, I love sending out a little hand written hello. (I’m so going to get my paper on at The Queen Bee Market on Saturday).

3. Sleep. Maybe it was all those years of waking up at a gawd awful hour to strap on some white boots with sharp, shiny blades (ice skates) and exercise create beautiful movements (ok, I totally just laughed at myself) but I love me some sleep. Why I keep having kids, I don’t know. Totally kidding. I could sleep all day after sleeping all night. I’m a total bear if I don’t get at least 8 hours of sleep. What mom gets more than 8 hours of sleep?! That’s probably why coffee is #1 on my list. (Again, I’ll be the one with one eye open and coffee cup in hand).

4. Feather Pillows. and not just one or two. 5 feather pillows. While we’re on the topic of feathers and sleep, I can’t forget the feather comforter. Which now brings me to- soft, super high thread count sheets. (You better believe I travel with pillows).

5. Sweets After Dinner. My grandpa passed this one down. Even if it’s a small bite of dark chocolate, I must have something sweet after dinner. (I’m told that during BlogHer, drinks count for this one).

6. Quiet Time. (How I think I’ll be party hoping, I do not know– see #3).

7. Watching Drama TV. (Good thing I just spent 5 hours on the couch with my girl Megan watching The Bachelorette and got that out of my system).

8. Music. I love all things music. I always have music playing- in the car, in the house, in my head- and now my kids love music which, makes me so so happy. (Don’t worry, I don’t sing. But you might catch me bobbing my head).

9. Lenny Kravitz. I am mesmerized by this man. (Anyone know if he’s going to BlogHer?)

10. My Family. (The token family shout-out. Although, this time, I’m really going to have them on my mind… thanks to the stupid fever).


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